When the folly becomes apparent, when it’s time to blow the bridge up, he can’t help himself, he can’t destroy his creation. Now then, where were we? But I really liked yesterday’s puzzle a lot. At first I though “oh great, German, the one language I can never seem to understand! Click here for more information on that word. Sorry to get into, I’m done. Now that’s how you do it playground style!

My answer to this cl Standard sudoku groupins, e. Turns out that not only do I hate sports, I am not a big movie or TV fan. Ok, I’m beginning to see a pattern develop. But of course we all see lots of things that we forget totally. Then I read the blog and I get better, then I get sad, then I get better and then I get so confused and I want to say Yay to joho and then Hazel chimes in and I’m doing a cheer and then everyone else says things I’ve wanted to say and I read Andrea and get a bit sad again and then Loren who thinks she’s a coward!!!!

Three ingredients could have been fine. Ever since you made that provocative statement about a constructor you can’t stand, I’ve been wondering who it is. We can gang up on Chefbea and make her eat Doesn’t a rebus where you can draw in a tree or a cat, rather than 3 or ffilm arbitrary letters repeat a word?

I hope she comes back. Maxwell rival, REO ; But of course we all see lots of things that we forget totally. Oren – welcome back! His comments are humorous and satirical and always very well spoken.

Brando was not interested.

Marlon Brando film — Crossword clue | Crossword Nexus

Other Crossword Sites Cruciverb. As you can see, there really weren’t a lot of big or interesting moments in this solve. Bgando — I have looked forward to your late night comments for quite a while now. To elaborate, I think there is a potentially better puzzle and theme hiding in here that just didn’t quite surface.


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That and reading Peloponnesian but thinking Punic, and wondering which war they were talking about. Mariners just can’t seem to generate any offense at home. Signo con que se brandoo un sonido de un idioma. Now, on to KenKen! I want to do Rex’s moon puzzle. ED often elicits a cringe. Does Rexville have a river? Or however you say “Congratulations!

Planet of the Apes. Brando accepted the part, but he walked off production of the film after clashing with French director Claude Autant-Lara. Someone has to impress the shit out of me before I remember their name or I have to be absolutely bombarded by the relentlessness crkssword the American pop culture machine[BRAD PITT]its amazing I can ever complete a puzzle at all.

You can only comment in plain text no html tags are allowed. So, if you’re crying “Please don’t throw Me in the briar patch” OK. Minus time for making and eating breakfast and coffee refills and feeding the cat and reminding her that she had been fed – probably an hour of actual solving time. Signo con que se representa un sonido de un idioma. But Andrea, your’re wonderful, Crosword always love your comments, please don’t go away.

Always forget where Cologne is. And, now we have all donned our cranky pants.


I value and xrossword admire what Michael is able to do every day, it is truly remarkable. Here it is for what it’s worth. So many moving posts today. I, too, was thinking Carthage first, so that didn’t help. Click on image to enlarge. The NYT Crossword is one of my barometers for the onset of dementia, so ones like this worry me. Pone la data en un documento.

Marlon Brando film – Crossword Clue Answer | Crossword Heaven

Can someone explain the “first letters of the Across clues” thing?? Rube – especially developments in art were fantastic.

You have essentially forced yourself to write Across clues that are artificially bound by this first-letter-spells-a-hint nonsense, which means those clues are often awkward or insane or inappropriate for the day of the week e. I have been reading this blog for about 4 years and I feel as if I need to move on to something more positive. They’re only crossword puzzles, crssword heaven’s sake, built for low pay by people attempting to entertain us and share with us a common love of language and puzzling.

Ironically never wanted to start my own blog out of respect to Rex and the idea he created Even if it wasn’t my cup of tea, it was 6 minutes out of my day. Where ”Sherlock” first aired.