Back in Manchester, Kingsley decides to break up with Heather properly, rather than by text, while Howard goes on his date. The Tribe Series 1. Kingsley, however, is nervous about breaking up with Heather if Josie does not want a relationship with him, and is transferring to Southampton. Fresh Meat — 7. Under The Weather However, Kingsley opens the “Rejected” folder while at a party at the student newspaper’s headquarters, and discovers that Josie’s article is titled “When a friend won’t listen to good advice” and, realising it is not just about Vod, he tries to call her, though she doesn’t hear her phone. Josie, fed up of JP’s neglect of the house, soon finds herself bonding with the boys who live in the flat next door.

Howard makes a breakthrough with Candice after learning she is not in a relationship after all; and, after a very awkward date, they proceed to have sex back at the house. This episode is audio described Very strong language and drug use This episode is subtitled 42 mins. The boys compete for lucrative internships at a geology careers fair. Oregon, meanwhile, is happily in a relationship with Dylan, and Vod, initially suspicious of him, proclaims him to be “Mr. Heather unexpectedly signs Kingsley up for an open mic event at the Student Union, but after his performance does not go well he recruits Oregon as a bandmate. Vod returns to the house to find that Oregon has written a play with characters who are exaggerated fictionalised versions of the housemates. But the deal is undercut when Kingsley unexpectedly winds up having sex with drama queen Ruth. The Specials 16 Episodes.

Keat Meat – Episode 6. JP, Oregon and Vod decide to take acid, but before the girls can take their tabs JP gets a call saying that his father has had another heart attack and that JP needs to return home.

When his paranoia gets worse, Josie accidentally ruins the trial by revealing who is on the drug and seties is on the placebo. After Howard spends the whole weekend on the phone, Sabine gets bored and persuades him to have sex with her. Nick’s Law Series 1.

As a result, Kingsley refuses to help him down, and the two get into an argument. Vod falls madly in love with Al, the man who is repairing the lock, but Howard convinces Oregon that he is a potential perpetrator.


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Despite JP’s best efforts to unite them, everyone seems to be splitting up. Howard does this by installing cameras around the house and inadvertently records an embarrassing video of Paul, which JP gets hold of. The housemates are in social Siberia so they decide to throw a party, spearheaded by Josie in the hope that she and Kingsley will get together, but her plans are scuppered by her boyfriend!

National Treasure Series 1. Later, Kingsley decides not to attend the event, after discovering that the image of him on one of their posters has had his soul patch airbrushed out. River Cottage Series Lists of British comedy television 4oe episodes.

Toast of London Series He attempts to remedy the problem by finding a way to make her have one, but Josie admits that the problem is with her, rather than him.

Mea finds her in the bar, expressing concerns over the quantities used when making the pill, causing Vod to worry. Made in Chelsea Series Tony Shales is bitter at being dumped by Oregon, who is taking an internship with his wife, and unsuccessfully attempts to blackmail her into taking him back. This episode is audio described Strong language This episode is subtitled 40 mins.

Howard and JP are jealous of Kingsley, and resolve to get into the event themselves. A comedy fres follows a group of six students about to embark on the most exciting period of their lives so far, university. Before he can respond, Heather turns up and the two reconcile, leaving Josie hurt.

That night, the housemates party in their house, with Oregon sobbing on the couch. JP, following one dig too many at his privileged background, accepts Ralph’s offer to seriee “The Stoweaways” – a dining club of Old Stoics at the University.

The Undateables Box Set Series With no plans for the road ahead, Vod agrees and the two eagerly set off. Frfsh Shales expects Oregon to move into his new apartment, but she is unsure and decides to spend time both at the apartment and at the house.

The Inbetweeners Series But the deal is undercut when Kingsley unexpectedly winds up having sex with drama queen Ruth.

Fresh Meat

Josie, seeing all the hurt her actions have caused, breaks down and cries into his shoulder. Josie enrols the other housemates in a charity dating scheme and is devastated when her date fails to show, although it later emerges he died shortly before, and she finds herself mourning the death of the potential partner she never met.


Share this Rating Title: Related News Terms of Endearment: Once the term has started Oregon loses no time in arguing with her English tutor Professor Tony Shales, though somehow Vod seems to have claimed ownership of her essay. Search for ” Fresh Meat ” on Amazon.

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He reveals that he is moving in with a workmate, and leaves the house the 4ld day. Kingsley is unable to find Josie to tell her how he feels, and gets kicked out of the club after being hit by Ralph. He comforts her after she confesses she is scared about her future, and the pair almost kiss, but do not do so.

Retrieved 31 October Sharing their anti-establishment ideas, Vod begins to make up her mind. In his frustration, Kingsley tells her that he loves her. At the same time, Vod and Oregon are both struggling with their finances, and while Oregon’s parents simply wire her more money, Vod is forced to take a cleaning job at a local hotel.

The Fresh Meat Box Set

Josie catches JP putting his weights in the room occupied by unseen housemate Paul, and tells him she regrets that they slept together.

Misfits Box Set Series Vehicle for Jack Whitehall along with Bad Education where he again plays a posh boy ie himself Heather turns up at the pub, and explains to Kingsley that her grandfather has just died, and she is returning to Hong Kong. The end of the academic year is approaching and the housemates have to make some big decisions A crushed Oregon struggles to make sense of her 2: Ackley Bridge Series 1.

Oregon asks Vod to come to Laos with her, suggesting she could teach English there as she writes her novel.