Howard, Vod and JP all attend the event, and after Vod impresses the representative, they all look set to get internships. Vod and Kingsley spot Josie wandering around the city when she should be in lectures, and Heather eventually reveals that Josie was kicked off her course. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. All series are broadcast on Channel 4. As Oregon and Vod are driving JP home whilst he is high on acid, Oregon’s mother calls to say her horse is fading fast. She discovers, however, on the day of graduation with her mother that she was only accepted onto the course as it was run by Professor Shales, who deliberately perverted her application and awarded her a place. Oregon finds herself receiving abuse on Twitter for Tony Shales having an LGBT magazine closed down, and tries to persuade Vod to engage in lesbian experimentation with her in an effort to dispel the rumours that she is homophobic, but Vod turns her down, saying Oregon is “too straight,” so she instead takes a photograph of herself kissing Josie. There is a potentially lucrative internship on offer from BP , which Howard and JP immediately compete for, but when JP is caught stealing, the representative takes an interest in Kingsley, inviting him to an upcoming BP event.

He decides to instead clean the house up himself, and do some cocaine. Elsewhere, Howard’s ambition of renting a new book in the library are dashed when he meets a new tough student in the library, and prepares himself for a fight. When Kingsley finds out, Josie offers to have sex with him as a way of making it up to him as she plans to break up with Dave , much to Kingsley’s delight. Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley attempt to salvage their relationship by engaging in an open relationship, since infidelity has been a major problem throughout. However, Vod stages an anti-BP protest, by standing on a table and spilling oil everywhere. He then says he has made up his mind about his career ambitions and wishes to become an estate agent. He gives his ticket to Howard.

Five new students arrive at Manchester Medlock University to share a house. There, it becomes clear that Josie is expecting a weekend of alcohol and sex, and Kingsley is hoping to bond with her. JP, following one dig too many at his privileged background, accepts Ralph’s offer to join “The Stoweaways” – a dining club of Old Stoics at the University. Following Oregon’s victory, however, it emerges that the Student Union is in financial difficulty, and facing legal action from the National Union of Students – the resigning President had merely tricked Oregon into becoming President as revenge for hijacking her Tunisia campaign.

Meanwhile, Kingsley and Josie, wanting to make up lost time, go on a camping trip to Buxton over the weekend. Kingsley manages to write a song for the sit-in which does not really impress Oregon and Candice; it does, however, attract the attention of Sam, and the two bond over their interest in similar styles and genres of music.

Howard becomes obsessed with a book about feminism that Candice gives to him and finds himself in a dilemma, wondering if he should continue to sexually objectify women or be a feminist. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Howard and Brian’s friendship is resumed after Brian fakes an urgent note to get Howard out of the exam.


Loading comments… Trouble loading? However, Vod promptly steps in and provides Oregon with some support.

Epizode, she finds herself deeply attracted to the Tunisian student and ends up having sex with him, though things turn disastrous when she causes him an horrific injury. A part-improvised comedy about a couple bringing up their three young children. That night, the housemates party in their house, with Oregon sobbing on the couch. He gives his ticket to Howard. Meanwhile, Vod has found a short-term solution to her ever tresh money troubles by getting a job in a local pub.

She fgesh some “clean” urine from Josie, but it doesn’t pass because Josie is on Beta blockers. After the epissode of the previous episode, Vod and Oregon are squaring off in the Student Union Presidential Election, while Howard is pining over Candice, Kingsley and Josie are attempting to patch things up, and JP has decided to put the mea on the market and leave Manchester. When an attempt to petition herself an appeal episore, she asks Heather to do the same thing she did on a willing subject, to ‘normalise’ the mistake in the eyes of the other students.

Heather is shocked when Josie reveals that Kingsley had been seeing them both concurrently at the beginning of term, and Sam soon finds herself dragged into it when Josie demands to know why Kingsley never mentioned his friendship with her, accusing him of cheating on her again.

Oregon finds herself receiving abuse on Twitter for Tony Shales having an LGBT magazine closed down, and tries to persuade Vod to engage in lesbian experimentation with her fres an effort to dispel the rumours that she is homophobic, but Vod turns her down, saying Oregon is “too straight,” so she instead takes a photograph of herself kissing Josie.

After Josie accidentally leaves her front door key in the door before going for a night out with Heather, the house is broken into. Despite fierce reluctance, Vod eventually hands over the money. While all this is happening, the resigning SU President overhears Vod describing her role in Oregon’s campaign as being like a puppeteer controlling a puppet, and mentions it to Oregon.

In this area, the Fresh Meat show-runners have again made the right call with new house-mate Sabine, played by Jelka Van Houten, a mature Dutch student whose extremely relaxed post-feminist attitude to sex has deepened and darkened the character arc given to the actor Greg McHugh as the geekish virgin, Howard.

Things take a bad turn for Kingsley however when Rosa ends their relationship. Since the only course available to her is Pharmacology, she immediately applies, but is shocked when the course tutor turns out to be Sabine, who makes it clear that she will not support Josie’s application, because of her behaviour.

Upon her arrival in Manchester, Josie admits that she is hating her Zoology course and Southampton, and that she would like to move back up to Manchester. At the same time, Vod and Oregon are both struggling with their finances, and while Oregon’s parents simply wire her more money, Vod is forced to take a cleaning job at a local hotel.


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Neither of them confesses to the other, and they sleep together as planned. Retrieved 27 November They make a detour to her house where Vod is shocked by Oregon’s privileged background, and that her name is in fact Melissa.

At the pub Kingsley thinks he has scored with Rachel Emma Rigbyonly to discover that she is recruiting for a Christian group.

frehs Oregon, meanwhile, is happily in a relationship with Dylan, and Vod, initially suspicious of him, proclaims him to be “Mr. However it is more than that, it has its emotional moments when needed, great acting and fantastic, relatable characters. Back in Cornwall, JP is burning the last of his possessions, tearfully resolving to give up on the house and return to Manchester with his father’s ashes.

JP, who has been confined to his bed by a case of mumps, begins to use his to call Vod, decides to freeze episod sperm when rfesh is informed of the possibility of being rendered sterile by the disease.

After Howard spends the whole weekend on the phone, Sabine gets bored and persuades him to have sex with her.

Unfortunately, she accidentally spills them. The next day, Josie and Kingsley decide to start dating, to the delight of the group, but on the bus ride home, Javier decides to rip up his ticket and stay in Britain illegally, to the dismay of Oregon and Vod. Howard does his best to avoid Candice as he thinks she may have feelings for him.

Views Read Edit View history. Kingsley is excited, but his relationship with Heather is damaged by her opposition to it. Vod announces that her mother, Chris Juliet Cowanis coming to stay, although nobody can believe she has got one at all.

In the final scenes, Oregon and Vod reconcile and prepare for her appeal, JP finally begins to mourn his father, Josie goes to Kingsley’s room, presumably to reconcile with him, but is upset to find that a frustrated Kingsley has left early, and Howard is blow-drying a Peking duck as shown in the opening scene in the series — a thank-you gift from Paul.

Has Fresh Meat’s exemplary second series surpassed its first?

To Howard’s devastation, Sam decides to ask JP on a date, but remain friends with him. Ashton’s performance increasingly confirms the impression made in Carol Morley’s independent movie Dreams of a Life that she is a major actress in the making. Vod is getting fed up of Javier, but the language barrier and his obvious love for her is preventing her from breaking up with him, and her efforts to find him a job so that he can earn money to return to Mexico all fail.

Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley decide to get over the incidents of the previous episode with a “relationship amnesty”, in order to wipe the slate clean.