But i will never leave photography!. Just in case you missed it – login to your professional account and click on this link: How do I upgrade my personal account to a professional account? Selfgrowth does not send you a new password. Select the “From header: Where can I locate my free downloads promised when I signed up? Please e-mail SelfGrowthMessage selfgrowth. This is a bug we’ve commonly seen crop up for Mac users using the Safari browser.

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This commonly happens when you cut-and-paste text from a website, into Word or a similar benvideos, and into the expert page editor. They just won’t appear when you’re logged in as yourself, as you have no need to contact yourself. You can use your Expert Page to promote yourself, your business and your philosophy about Self Improvement. The “not approved” message is actually our system’s way of indicating that your link has been submitted vull approval but has yet to be reviewed.

This will only be available once the link has been approved. How can I edit it? Did you know that there are.

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Get Advice Explore the Possibilities View more. Click it, and you should now see a list of your articles along with a little edit link next to the title. Articles need to be between words with a complete biography of the author. Anybody got any ideas on beginner-friendly.


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