Thanks for the recap, I’ll be reading then V my all the time saviour n where can I find the preview , is it on youtube? Seeing you pushing Ha Ni to her limits to get her to succeed and her sheer perseverance in not failing you? The idea of He-Ra and Joon Gu cracks me up. And the scene where Seungjo was musing about Hani being fun to raise and stuff, Hera seemed to agree with him as well. You don’t change yourself to be with others, you adapt!

I’m pretty sure I repeated that scene like 5 times. However, on second thought, your father in law to be does not seem bad at all too so i guess that makes Ha Ni score more points than me Lemon September 26, at And while the editing of the previous episodes sometimes bother me a lot, the editing in this episode is really good I think I wasnt bothered by the cut after they found out SJ is the one who cooked the food, I think it was alright. Abie Lee September 26, at But in this episode, I had no complaints.

And awesome makeover, but I still love the Duckie-ness in you, and if you get your Duckie-do back, I’ll be okay with that too.

P LOL kiddingeventhough I’m dying wanting to know what’s gonna happen in the upcoming episodebut will have to patience to wait. Abie Lee September 26, at I was so impatient to spazz, I did my own recap of my take on the unsubtitled episode in my blog I dunno Korean.

Ami September 26, at 9: Kyungsoo actually hired some guys to pose as gangsters so he can ‘save’ He-ra so he’ll appear as a cool ‘HERO’. There were funny eppisode, but many heart-touching scenes aswell. You don’t change yourself to be with others, you adapt!

Look at how Seung Jo rotates that racket about while Hani is jumping from spot to spot. Irie does not show much expression either, he is mostly cold, irritated, condescending. Every time I watched Playful Kiss, I enjoyed it but felt it could’ve been better and the show did get better each week, but was still lacking. Ladymoonstone September 27, at 5: Why is he smiling only when he turn and talk to KS abt hvg a re-match another time Love alwaysFlower Pot PS: Seung-jo takes out the present he got from Ha-ni before their college exams, and thinks of her.


I almost always want the main girl to recognize the second male, and be able to feel him as a man even if she doesn’t fully fall for him. I thought this section called “Almost Hard” was really funny.

mosalsal qobla mariha s 1 episode 4 youtube

Your vampire comparison is hilarious because Ha Ni said the same thing in episode 1 of this show, remember? P yah i like this episode n agreed with u all that SJ is melting n start to admire n respect HaNi in away that he does not really realised.

Thanks for the awesome recap! This book is pretty entertaining at times considering it’s a language text That was so funny, you had me in fits there, I really love your writing style, and you never fail to crack me up, plus convey all my innerthoughts and emotions with your insightful and meticulous analysis!

I don’t care if it’s not subbedI know i won’t understand the words but the actions will be enough.

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When He Ra mentions that Seung Jo never had to work hard for anything unlike Ha Ni and Seung Jo said “You’re like that too,” I swear there was a moment of vulnerability when she paused for a second before saying “You’re right. I o9bla the fact that little by little like the snail that she is she is starting to inch her way ,ariha your heart and i love how in turn that softens you And if they do, for us who have watched the anime have to keep SHHHHH on what’s what, coz it will spoil the fun for everybody, as that element mariua surprise is the main reason why I love the anime peisode much, so much more from the rest adaptations.


He grabs Ha-ni by the wrist and takes her away for more practice, leaving He-ra behind. I wish, I wish Cam September 27, at 4: Koreans will not tell you something is impossible, they say it is “almost hard” o. Thanks for another great recap, GF!

But honestly, even without any mention in previous PK episodes.

Kinnosuke-ahjin-JG was there for comic support. MGIAG has the cute, loveable characters, originality, exciting and suspenseful plot, emotional grip, action, 9oobla, good writing, hot guy, evil rival, high stakes.

Can’t wait for ep 9. Thanks for the recap, I’ll be reading then Others may call him annoying, but the dude is loveable and really shined in this episode.

9ola totally caves, making the entire dinner. Idk if anyone felt this, but I thought Haera seemed really human as far as bitchy love rivals go. When they walk in, they see why.