I’m hunting mostly in Gen 7 for now but I was doing this on the side and I’m not complaining at all. If you guys enjoyed the video leave a like, let me know what your favorite method is in the comments below, and subscribe for more videos! Ending music provided by: This video contains methods of making a shiny hunt easier on yourself! Follow me on Twitter for updates and stuff: There are a few different ways to make shiny hunting easier and today I go through the Top 5 easiest ways to get shiny Pokemon!

Best shiny i’ve ever had! I really do appreciate it: My name is Dylan. L’Excursion Shiny Hunting Here’s where my next two hunts both go over 10k. If you guys want I can test that and put the rate in the description. Thank you all so, so much! This hunt wrapped up pretty quickly, which is always a good thing in my book!

To progress further, you need to have released the Beasts in to the wild. I had a really good feeling about this hunt, and sure enough it appeared after only 7 minutes of hunting, making it my second fastest hunt to date!!!

Please subscribe to aayld live shiny Pokemon reactions! This was recorded through a completely legit game on a capture card device. Shiny Pokemon are kinda cool.

My last 4 shinies that have this gender ratio have all been female, that’s some incredible luck! This video contains methods of making a shiny hunt easier on yourself!

These methods have been passed down orally for about a decade or so, but I’ve never seen them faared covered in a video before, so here you go! The evolution to Charizard is at the end of the video! I have a plethora of targets in Johto’s Safari Zone, some of which are a really difficult catch. Music provided by No Copyright Sounds https: Let me know if this information helps any of you, and what you plan to hunt with it! Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally have this. My name is Dylan.


No Emulator was used!

Aayle 3a Fared Mayle – Episode 1

Aayle 3a Fared Mayle – Episode 1. Follow me on Twitter for updates and stuff: Dallycatstrike Follow me on Instagram! Best shiny i’ve ever had! In this video I present to you: Live shiny pokemonlive shiny pokemon reactionbest live shiny pokemon reactionseasiest shiny pokemon to hunttop 10 shiny pokemon spritesshiny ghost pokemonfree shiny pokemon giveawayevery shiny pokemon spritepokemon sun and moon new pokemonevery shiny sprite everpokemon original spritespokemon original shiniesfree shiny pokemon giveaway 3dsevery pokemon shiny sprite in GEN4all GEN4 pokemon shiniespokemon soul silver and heart gold tips.

Shiny Pokemon Must have a Video to Prove Well I have caught the Safari bug. I dis-counted some because of similarities, for example I’m not going to have every game’s safari zone, so I put the fastest safari zone.

Leave a thumbs up! Shiny Growlithe on Route 36 after 1, RE’s! Dropping every other week as before. Speedup music credit to Kamex: Make sure to subscribe to both of our channels so you can stay up to date on our series and find out which of us wins the first Shiny Contest! Ending music provided by: December 6,6: My th full odds shiny, shiny Totodile starter from Professor Elm!


But just to clear up any confusion This is my first hunted shiny of the year and special video number 3 of k week.

I really am due a long hunt sometime soon, this is getting ridiculous. Then grab your game and let’s get started! This video is not meant to be the top 10 fastest hunts, rather the first 10 hunts that come to most fwred minds when thinking of fast hunts.

Hey guys, TheSupremeRk9s here! Just Entei left to go, not sure when I’ll hunt for it though. Thank you to everyone who subscribed to me, you guys mean the world to me and I appreciate all of your support.

Ayle A Fared Mayle – Upcoming Episode

Thanks Episose you’re the best! LiveShinyPokemonreactioncommentaryOshieSoulsilverCapture card3DSGeneration 2Generation 4soft resetsgoldsilvercrystalvoltorb flip. Shiny Entei appears very quickly on my SoulSilver. Follow me on Twitter! Live Random Shiny Tyrunt Video: I really wanted to hunt this over the summer but I messed up my DS’ clock accidentally and it ruined my plans so I had to postpone them. Pokemon Shiny Hunting Guide: Buy anything in the store and Support SMK! D They are now officially my channel’s mascots!

My name is Rich