Halfway between a long and a medium shot. She boasts an impressive background in media. Best Music video for Wirral international film festival. Everyone is welcome, from Granny to grandchild – this is a fun-filled, informative day for all! Through the years he has worked for the City of Johannesburg, and Digiata consulting company. If this shot frames a character then the whole body will be in view towards the middle ground of the shot.

Thus there will be a cut to show what is being looked at: She has worked for two years with the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation. Since time immemorial, people have been trying to institutionalize moral values love kindness, patience, contentment are just a few out of the plethora of positive traits. He has won best supporting actor for his portrayal of Judd Fry in Oklahoma. Below are some beautiful scenic photography of the amazing setting where we shot the production. Newsletters Keep up to date with the latest from our network: During his time in South Africa he has acted in many international feature films and TV series mainly for the UK and American audiences and commercials for Europe.

With introductions to each our departments from our Campus Dean to the heads of schools and lecturers. In addition to New Directions he has conducted writing and directing workshops throughout Africa.

He developed and now teaches the full-time programme in New Media Development. If you want to get a shot at a rewarding career you should meet Carel Scheepers. She completed her studies at Tshwane University of Technology in Now for some writing. Posted on Thursday, 09 February David has a history of independent film production under his UK-based development, production and finance company Focus Films.

It was her first magazine experience but she worked hard and was promoted to deputy editor. On the left hand side we have imagery of our brilliant actor, who played the role of the old man. He spent a further 20 years lecturing there.


Yet the illness may not be fatal. Suzanne Wessels believes in youth empowerment and found a way to drive this through her creative pursuits. Here we have the wonderful Saskia Rijke, leading girl of the short film, giving a great performance.


Based in Johannesburg Brandon is a motion graphics designer, animator and game designer. From an early age Maghdie Fife was known for his artistic talent. Exactly the opposite of a jump cut within a scene. Over the past seven years Ryan has become a respected director in South Africa for music videos and is one of the top music video directors in the country.

View all 25 credits. The camera is sufficiently distanced from the body for the character to be seen in relation to her or his surroundings in an apartment, for expperimental.

Tue, 26 Feb Newer Post Older Post Home. Katlego lectured Sound Engineering at Damelin. Best Director video Wirral international film festival for The parlotones – should we fight back Sign in Join Stage Rip van Winkle was popular once. With her background in piano and flute, Suzanne joined the CityVarsity Sound Department in as the Music lecturer.

AFDA experimental film festival

Born and raised in South Africa, Stephen has built a reputation as a noted filmmaker and photographer. Part of that pleasure is also derived from the narcissistic identification she or he feels with the person on the screen.

Subjective shots like these also implicate the spectator into the narrative in that she or he identifies with the point of view. Focus in, focus out: Shots, in and of themselves, can have a subjective or objective value: But, inshe returned to CityVarsity and has been realising her primary passion in creative design.

Umhlanga Life: Blackberry wins big, news from AFDA Durban, news from King Shaka airport and a story

He is the founder of his own consulting company, an investor and writer. A statue for Nkrumah or Selassie? Newsletters Keep up to date with the latest from our network: The best thing about Saskia is that she can cry really easily and it’s never hard for me to get her into a sad emotional state. Iman Isaacs is a woman of many talents.


The film will be made available to the public at the AFDA film festival where the audience members get to afdda the project… interesting: He wants a country with more sauce, humid in the indulgence of wit, not merely side partings and coiffures.

It marks a transition in time expreimental space but is called a jump cut because it jars the sensibilities; it makes the spectator jump and wonder where the narrative has gone. The former type of shot will distort the object within the frame, rendering it uglier, more menacing, more derisory; conversely, when a high-angle CU is used, the object can appear more vulnerable, desirable. Thus, the fade or dissolve could indicate a passage of time, a wipe, a change of scene and so on.

Point of view shot: In high key lighting, the key light provides all or most of the light in the scene.

Ryan Kruger

Possible to have deep focus, shallow focus. Best Director – Wirral international film festival for Taxi Violence – the turn Genna currently works as a lecturer for CityVarsity.

New orders as arrivals pick up in Nor Within the first year she was promoted to temporary liaison officer of the marketing department. Stefanie Payendee is inspired to create beauty in the world. So too do camera angles. Building institutional capacit… Liberia: The repressed racism within them and the judgement they are still fighting and battling with in our current modern day filn.