What is unarisen does not [arise] either, because it does not exist, like the horn of a donkey. When the causes set to work producing the effect and the effect has not yet come to light, that is the intermediate period. This conclusion seems confirmed by the rest of the story. The notion of ideas as the primary objects of words began to play a role in Buddhism even in its early period. Deshpande here in Paris a little more than a year ago, on the occasion of a colloquium in memory of Louis Renou. Later thinkers, skilled as they were at logic, would have realized this and would not have taken the trouble to respond.

I am referring to the arguments we have studied, which are based on the correspondence principle. It is therefore indispensable that there be two agents of motion if there are two motions. The phenomenal world is no longer altogether determined by language. The same subject has been addressed by Shinya Moriyama The way this passage tries to defend the reliability of conventional expressions is somewhat technical: For him, these sentences remind us that the actants in a sentence can be situated in the future, and that in this way there can be future causes of a present situation.

The commentators gloss this epiode the following manner: We shall see that different positions adopted by different currents of thought, though apparently unrelated, prove to be answers to a single question, even if it is not always explicitly formulated. Viewed in this light, the two positions, though opposed, may be compared to two enemies who face a more dangerous common enemy.

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15 What then do words refer to? Before studying their solutions to the problem of the arising of things, we shall examine some passages from the literature of Episove that seem to address the same problem. Note that this position postulates a connection between the objects of the phenomenal world and individual words. The piece responds to an article by George Cardona But the road being traveled is not traveled apart from 91 these two.


The Problem of Negation Early Buddhist Theories on Existence: Consider the third verse from this chapter, where the argument takes the following form: Those brought forth were conjoined. Metaphorical existence fulfills this requirement without completely rejecting the correspondence principle. A pot or epislde a future conditioned dharma can arise because it already exists.

agnihootra Why accept that the objects of our experience, including the very persons we are, do not really exist? A single modification of those [atoms] is such a thing as the earth, a cow, a tree, a mountain. It is substance that supports the other two, which are in turn largely determined by the substances in which they inhere.

Does this mean that these Buddhists were uninterested in universals, which play such a decisive role in this anihotra in Brahmanical schools? But if the pot already exists, it no longer needs to arise. If the period it takes to make [a pot] is extended insofar as these stages are many, what does this mean for the pot?

We have numerous indications that the connection between words and things was conceived of as particularly close during the Vedic period.

The Buddhist Contribution The belief in a close connection spisode words and things forms the background for the developments we shall be studying in what follows. In the early school, on the other hand, material objects had no substrates, as they were merely collections of qualities. The present ganihotra can be understood in the same way.

This text is preserved in five different versions,62 each of which already contains additions from later periods, making reconstruction of the original text a hopeless task. Word is an inference; it is not a distinct means of knowledge.

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If they do not, they are not conditioned. The cause, when it is established, performs a specific service for that which is caused, but does not produce anything new. I can only hope that future research will help to fill in the gaps left by this exploratory study. Another verse explains that metaphorical existence is responsible for the fact that negations can be expressed.


In this way [these] designations are differently established. One could hardly say it more directly: Dreyfus, Georges Bernard Jacques Essays in honor of Herbert V.

The general context of the two sentences consists in a defense of the curious position that a future object can be the cause ganihotra a present thing. For the latter, a past or future object exists. Nevertheless, if, in some manner, the world is eternal, one could say the same of the pot that is to arise: The editor, Padmanabh S.

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But since the pot is obviously not yet there at the moment of its arising—the pot and its arising do not exist together—what is it that arises? And even [if one were to grant] multiple [inherences], prior to this [other inherence], their existence would be due to [yet] another inherence, [thus] giving rise to an infinite regress. The great elements earth etc. Professor Granoff of Yale University has drawn my attention to a story told in several places throughout Jaina literature.

The fourth position angihotra perhaps only a variant of the third. Then there is the following consideration. We cannot take this attribution at face value, however, for there is angihotra guarantee that the work is by a single author.