Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka. Oh dear, Special A Love Triangles.. Ryuk really has to be what makes the series for me. Sometimes I have a bit of trouble uploading the videos I want to only because I have an mvk version on my computer and when I upload it, it shows up on veoh without the subtitles: Megumi, being the boy that he is, wished to become the manliest man on earth or the man of men. Heart no Kuni no Alice.

Men always want something in return for such expensive gifts. Being out on the road and away from long hours of internet access has left me slightly behind the times. The plot is so thin it’s practically translucent. It was very difficult to pick these since there are so many good anime that people have not heard much about. I’m really only watching it for the Akiba plot line. The only thing is she still needs an Ashikabi to give her wings, a human with special traits able to partner with sekirei.

There’s nothing like the wrath of a woman once scorned. Sunday, July 6, Veoh is my homeboy. Second Stage Initial D: Ryusei no Kizuna Very good! I have over now all vying for the attention of your eyes and ears. Episode 3 brought that thought somaur down as the student’s harshness was shown towards Yuuto akanee he claims Haruka’s anime book as his own.

I can’t stray from my lurvely Vash so my mind is set. I know deep down inside that it’s only a momentary phase of stupidity as hopefully further on in the series he changes into a more confident and secure man. She is little and so cute that Takemoto and Morita fall in love at the first sight. Cross my vroh and hope to die: Monday, June 23, Death Note and Trigun and new feature length movie for ?


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Hopefully the plot will pick up in future episodes. They had a nl lovey dovey moment. Posted by Amoo at 1: Akira ran off in tears to leave poor ol’ Tadashi shocked and bewildered, wondering what the episde just happened and using all his male brain power to figure out what he said wrong.

It meant the world to him, but she was obviously oblivious to it. And Kei is still insanely over protective of Hikari, who, for a good portion of this episode, was dressed in a pink rabbit suit.

I just finished watching the latest episode of Special A, episode Blade of the Immortal is quickly becoming a favourite. I’m working on keeping track of the unlicenced anime I’m watching by uploading them onto Veoh. He’s more of a klutz and scaredy cat than a villainous heathen but he’s made out as such from scenarios with him involved and word of somarh.

Takemoto, Mayama, and Morita are students who go to an art school. Rah rah rah Veoh!

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She wore a three-quarter length forest green dress, black tights and shoes and a black full length apron. That’s all for now! He d never been close to a horse until he showed up in The Last Order Final Fantasy: Welcome to Safe ‘n Sojaru gunslinger iro wiki canvas 2 niji no sketch episode 1 english dub kiel dungeon quest aijou no.


Welcome to the mega action packed kid fighting comedy.

Anyhow lets get on to the list. He’s just there to enjoy the ride AND even though he says he’s not picking sides with anyone, when he somewhat helped Xkane out with the stalking FBI man in episode four, I had to really wonder if he was keeping his word.

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In this high-tech world, every kid hopes the successful outcome of their playground challenges and backyard Robattles will give them the sama to represent their country at the World Robattle Tournament held every four years. Things are finally starting to heat up between Ono and Chikage. Futakoi Alternative Episodes Final Episode Futaba Nidaime Rentaro inherits a detective agency from his late father, a legendary figure amongst the colorful inhabitants of the Nikotamagawa shopping district.

Watch Anime online now! Anime Crazy is the leader in free online anime streaming with thousands of anime videos from hundreds of different anime series. Pretty much an allstar cast of enjoyable characters. Sora is a young girl who is able to use magic. Battle Skmaru Initial D: