With female mc the atmosphere is much different but in good way. Over and over again, this show with its skits as well as its talking format where it deals with gossip and honest discussions about whatever is going on in the AKB universe always seems to top itself week after week. Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament. On January 9, , she was being selected as one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Competition. Japanese idol , singer, actress. Salary Man Kintaro 2. Especially when they take huge trips like to Tokyo and just go wild.

Also, what really makes this show stand out even more than Friday Night did is that about three episodes into it, the producers probably realized what a massive funny combo they had with Tani and Matsumura being on the show. For those of you who love just watching the AKB girls do crazy things, the entire show seems to not have any major trend in terms of challenges given to them, but things like having a few first generation members battle a ton of the AKB girls while in Hawaii, or teaching the draft members how to be on a variety show span the activities that any girl chosen to be on Nemousu gets to do. And by then so many members had already graduated. It was just what SKE needed, I think, since this show I believed came around the time when SKE was still rather new in terms of building up their popularity amongst the more traditional AKB wota community that still only had variety shows centered around the main AKB group. And that includes entertainment. And you see why this show rules? Sasshi seems extremely happy to work with him and be open and honest with him, and their back and forth teasing and general discussions about all things in life are interesting all by itself.


I mean, what a show, right? These each deserve their own special lists in terms of what could be discussed about them. It was just a good face. As of Episode 8, she ranked 38 and was eliminated. When i told her, for the first time Mayuyu said she wanted to come along. The Kenkyuusei all worked hard together, so we all wished to get promoted together.

Speaking of this, why on Earth did this get cancelled? I got sucked in a few years back because of one of the programs on this list. However inshe ran the Tokyo Marathon for the second year in a row and donated the money to the Philippines.

I would suggest not giving up on it just yet, if for no other reason than the back and forth between Sasshi and Gotou san. Let me spoil no more! Nemousu is one of those AKB shows that currently is still ongoing and has about a million seasons.

AKB Kousagi Dojo – Episode List

Sakura Nakai to Mayu: Also, I want people to see me without a wig. So here we are. And that includes entertainment.

As of Episode 5, she ranked 33 and survived the elimination round.

I always get the feeling that the whole flirty, Chapu Chapu routine is a big act to elisode us all into worshipping her. On June 26,Akimoto was appointed as the Goodwill Philippine Tourism Ambassador in order to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination in Japan. Hey how are you again? They lost the battle to Team 2 and didn’t receive a benefit of votes.


But it was incredible also because every episode in the first season, Murashige tried her hardest to get their guests to like her and it was always funny to koudagi.

AKB Kousagi Dojo by Gozua – dailymotion

Akimoto has been featured koussgi every single by the group as she is the Captain of Team K making her a regular featured member for most of their A-side tracks until she was suddenly hit with a scandal in Do you live alone? Privacy policy About Infogalactic: Kouwagi be expected by my amazing Tani.

It was moments like this when you could actually sense the genuine learning going on by the girls that Kousagi Dojo transcended so much of the fake bullshit in most Japanese variety shows and became something really honest.

They were eliminated in first round in rock-paper-scissors tournament on September 24, Anyone remember Shinkai Rina? Her act has been reported sensationally not only in Japanese media but worldwide, with most reactions being negative.

In the grade evaluation, she was given a D grade and stayed episkde Class D after the re-evaluation.

Tani and Matsumura are again put to the test during the Ebi-Calcio! Many member grow and learn valuable skill in the show. Watanabe Mayu 1st Album. Do you have someone whom you promised to have a meal with?