Post-Hardcore; Indie Rock Length: However, when they started considering making a second album, the band felt that, for artistic reasons, they should remain independent, as it would give them better chances of developing and deciding their direction. Here’s Live At Copps: BigEmpty 22 August at Thanks for this post! It’d really make me happy. Young Cardinals Live Soundwave. Alexisonfire Alexisonfire is a five-piece post-hardcore band that formed in St.

September 9, Recorded: An Essay By James Secord” ToxicDepressiveBoy ;-; 5 February at Antiquities 22 August at However, it was discovered that the moniker was not registered, and no further action took place. Catharines, Ontario, Canada Genre s:

Really a great goal. The band was starting to become more of a full-time job than a hobby. However, it was discovered that the moniker was not registered, and no further action took place.

Alexisonfire – Watch Out! () » CORE RADIO!

The band describes their music as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight” a reference to their song “A Dagger Through the Heart of St.

The band toured in support of Crisis, until December Keep It On Rqr. Drunks Lovers Sinners And Saints. I don’t want to be the band that saves it, I want to be the band that kills it.


Get Fighted Demo Version. Dilawar Ali 30 August at Anonymous 4 February at Quan Dang 21 August at Anonymous 24 August at Moneen EP Album Released: October 31, Recorded: Terung 16 June at Sydney Kamer 22 June at Post-Hardcore; Indie Rock Length: Little Girls Pointing And Laughing.

Moneen – Sharks In Danger Alexisonfire cover. This lay in comparison to their debut album, which was mostly first drafts. Moneen – Bleed And Blister Version 2.

Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama. Counterparts And Number Them.

My best friend introduced me to heavy music, and this was one of the first few bands that he recommended. Pettit was playing bass in a tech-metal band called Condemning Salemn, Green was a lead singer and guitar player in Helicon Blue, and MacNeil and Steele played in a Pop-punk band called Plan 9. Alexisonfire; Greg Below Quality: My best friend had introduced alexisonfore music, and was one of the few bands that submitted the proposal. I would request here Underoath http: It debuted at 6 on the Nielsen Soundscan Topand received gold certification in Canada in twelve weeks.

On September 9,Alexisonfire was released, featuring two Catholic school girls engaged in a knife fight, which goes in hand with the band’s description of their music.


Alexisonfire – Watch Out! (2004)

Sawbones Quad 23 August at Henry Rollins” Alexisonfire original track — 3: You’re on the road a lot and you just get better.

Antiquities 22 August at Thanks alexisonfirw this post!

They would remain with Distort Entertainment, and instead of using a famous producer, they recorded the album with Julius Butty at his studio near Hamilton, Ontario. Origins and mainstream success: Alexisonfirebandcanadadiscographydownloadontariopost-hardcoreSt.

Sophie’s Floorboard: Alexisonfire

The group caught its first break when they caught the attention of recording engineer Greg Below and Montreal journalist Mitch Joel. These bands broke up at the same time, and those remaining members put had the drive to play and succeed. The band’s name was derived from Alexis Fire, the world’s only lactating contortionist stripper.

BigEmpty 23 August at When the band came out of the underground like an “utterly captivating car-accident-in-progress” in lateit was enough to impress critics[4] and attain a gold certification for their self-titled alexisonfier album.