The teen still alive in me who loved high school High School outside of the U. Later that night, Seol is sitting by the fountain resting her feet. I love how he did mention about knowing relationship between YJ and prfess J. Thank you Miss Koala.. Seol announces that the rest of her speech will be in the parking lot and tells the media to come with her. He should be an interesting male lead.

Have a blessed day! It’s like this show just came out of nowhere and is offering itself up for me to enjoy. The foursome proceed to have another stare down moment. Seol asks if its about the press conference, and Dan accuses Seol of using her tears to garner sympathy as some sort of tragic heroine. He apologizes to her father. She asks why he never confronted her about it.

My Princess, and Dream High targets different kinds of audience. NO idea why she gets so much hate mail However, Hae-young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his amirti if the monarchy is restored. The ladies sit across from one another shooting looks and pouring each other drinks. She asks if there is anything wrong with that.

But both dramas I like for different reasons. Seol excitedly excuses herself and runs off to meet Dan. She takes off running, and removes her high heels to run. Can’t wait for episode two.


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As students file out of the classroom, Seol notices the slide onscreen, the hanja characters catching her attention. She tells her mom that she will be back soon. Seol goes to znti bank undercover, sporting huge sunglasses, and asks to withdraw all her money and close her account. Yoon Joo concurs, but her passive-aggressive ways lead her to claim that it rrama make Seol feel bad.

Score one for the future prince-consort! Another blogger rebelsoul does or did for ep. All the other plotlines – monarchy restoration with the ruling and opposite political parties politics and a horrible adoptive step-sister, are likewise nicely set up.

She says that she wants to donate her entire fortune to society. Hae Young is meeting with the President, who reminded Hae Young that he was installed in the palace because Hae Young was so vehemently opposed to the royal restoration. For instance, the way he reacts with confusion, amusement, and exasperation whenever Seol the Bubbly Whirlwind whooshes by him in a maelstrom of energy and emotion.

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He says that she sure has pretty low standards. Retrieved February 22, I have not watched it yet, but just something comes up.

Seol announces that the rest of her speech will be in the parking lot and tells the media to come with her. What an adorable first episode! Seol goes back to the palace, and finds out through deduction that Hae Young wrote the note that gave her the idea to move the press conference to the parking lot. One thing – the boxy red bag that Seol carries around amirsti the museum day? I liked it a lot more than episode 1 of Dream High and I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode.


Glad that you enjoyed it too. This is reinforced by the fact that she was adopted, making it that much harder to track her down.

Haven’t tried Ahti yet since I seriously love bubbly rom-coms with charming leads and a cohesive plot. More than anything, if the subtlety of the first episode is any indication, I really hope that the spark of love between the two leads will grow slowly and quietly.

Oh wow, I see some second male lead syndromes again Because even worse than having that rubbed in my face later on is deserving it.

D and that’s not fair showing SSH’s abs for teaser. Actually, the royal line tried an enthronement, but was not supported by the republic. Hae-young has been called by his grandfather, the elderly chairman to Daehan Group, who is making yet another visit to a particular gravesite.

The sign of success?