Shocked the daughter in law of the house! She tells RK that she din get the pics published! Producer Kohli asks RK if he is ok? Amrit Manthan; Aasman Se Aage. She encounters a box and screams it..! Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Indira says that she has forgotten, that doctor has told her that this will happened in last stage, Rishy says that now it’s time to start your treatment, he hold her by her arms Indira told him that she wants to meet Mandira first, Rishy told her that he will bring her to meet Mandira.. Punar Vivah is about two individuals who are heartbroken at first and both yash and aarti remarried and live they life together.. Producer Kohli asks RK if he is ok? Then a plate falls in front of her. For someone’s hapiness, sacrifice our own hapiness seems nice to read in books but in real life will you be abble to bear that pain?? Suddenly the last remaining light in the studio goes off.. He asks his son and he too feigns ignorance!

Punar vivah 28 september 2012 written episode

Inder Sharla come and indira dance with him and make everyone dance. Madhu says din tell anything to RK! By doing treatment what will i do when there is no hope.

Chawl guy comes in tells Paddo that Shammo will be late coz of late pack up.! RK says if septeber her.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Pappu’s father says that it’s time to go but Pappu’s mother asks where is Indira, Shweta propose to go to search for Indira, she goes in the room saying Indira.


Cry Madhu keeps limping.! Madhu says…tried to make him understand. Indira leaves, she brings some thaal and bring also Rishy, he tried to ask her what she is doing but Indira don’t let him speak and ask him to sit and to keep quiet, she told se;tember that you remind of your promise?

Mandira sit and the ritual continue, Indira asks Shweta to follow her, rwitten brings Shweta to her room and says: Indira interrupts and says: Ballu closes his eyes and turns around n Trish is shocked to see him!

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Kohli tells RK that Bhatia is coming. She gets flashbacks of Ballu target practicing by putting apple on her head. Amrit Manthan – 19th December He asks the pic if he crossed his limits? In the November 29 Episode of Punar Vivaah 2.

RK take another n is about to leave n Madhu asks. Scene shift to Shweta, who’s hand is holding by Simmi Diwan. Kratika married Nikitin Dheer in September. She says looking amit handsome! Pabho tells Madhu that. He puts on his glares and tells her that he is showing it for the first and last time! Sikky says eating is important work! Last updated Sep 23, He cuts his tounge and screams says. But Inder stops him and says that Munna you must misunderstand him but Munna says that he has no misunderstanding, he is saying the truth and he told Inder to ask for the truth to Rishy’s mother, Simmi Diwan.



RK says that she used those pics to make him bow down. Precap — Ballu asks Trish to say something.!

RK says that it was coz the person dinno that on the set some substandard material for lighting has been used which has amnthan supplied by a thief father-son! Mandira hugs everyone crying, she also hugs Indira who told her to take care of her and to bring up her children well, to make them responsible like her and to tell her childrens about her, that she was there, Mandira cries more hearing that and hugs Indira, everyone look at them when suddenly Indira tells Mandira that she has a gift for the education of her upcoming child, she goes in her room to search for it, Mandira says good bye to everyone and request Rishy to save Indira, she cries in his arms, Pappu try to Rishy’s blessing but he stops him and ask him to take care of Mandy.

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Paddo asks Madhu to say what she wants to! Watch Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram. RK respects Dips a lot