What is unbearable is jittery shots. Beyond that, you can always try to clean up any unwanted shakiness in post. What are you currently working on? On one hand it can easily deliver content to the viewer but on the other hand it has many distractions and overflow of content altogether so the true pearls get overlooked. Thanks for your feedback. In addition to Lofoten being one of the most scenic and picturesque places in Norway, the school had so many advantages.

The advice on three point stabilisation is useful. This was in , and still people ask me to continue the production. Iversen, the producer of Til Siste Hinder. This technique may be great when you’re in a run and gun situation but that’s more about logistics than “making your films better”. And don’t get me wrong, I prefer having enough time to rig and shoot scenes the way I want. Is there a new project in the works and if so, how will you be able to improve upon the previous projects?

My father also had a mixing console where I could add music and sound effects to the video we shot even though it was all analog. It’s a 45 min long video including sndyax making of and a short film. Put down your cameras!! We can’t wait to show it to you, so stay tuned on YouTube channel: How do you know if it’s the best? I hope and think it will be easier to find good content andyaz Youtube in the future.

Email Subscription To be informed about our news please click here. This, of course, depends on the aesthetic you’re going for, but let’s assume that you’re saving the frenetic handheld camerawork for another project and you’re going for buttery smooth.

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I started aneyax Youtube channel 10 years ago when I wanted to show some of my friends abroad a short video I made. You and your friend Eskild run a very successful Youtube channel. In addition to Lofoten being one of the most scenic and picturesque places in Norway, the school had so many advantages.


We made a horror shortfilm – and show you how! It’s not too late to support our short The Camera Hack!

No, I’m not a fan of rushing things, but sometimes working fast is crucial as mentioned above. You will be missed Eskild for being an inspiration for hsort aspiring filmmakers such as myself. Sometimes I save up enough money to make my own shorts as well, shown on andyaxx homepage.

Whether we are making a short film, feature film or documentary with or without a storyboard, with or without tripods, steadycams or shoulderrigs, we do take the camera of whatever rig it’s on and test out the light, composition and blocking.

Suddenly a friend asked me to make one for him sndyax well, and when a couple of more friends wanted it, I started the company Walkam to produce and sell steadycams. I should do it more. Newer Post Home Older Post. Iversen, the producer of Til Siste Hinder. I have never been that interested in horses, but I realized while reading the screenplay and being with horses during the preproduction, that they are quite mystical creatures.

I mean no harm. What Camera Gear They Use. I love handheld for documentary and event work but agree that most current blockbusters and now television is fllm a bit hard on handheld camera work to give them a “real” feel back since so much CGI is being implemented.

People probably do this differently, however this is the way we do it: Every decision you make when shooting a film should be an intentional one and going handheld is no different. It takes me out ansyax a story and tells me “this isn’t real. You can also try to ensure that you use cameras and lenses that have auto-stabilization.


Suddenly I started to see other people commenting on the video asking me what kind of fklm I used.

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You directed a feature film Til siste hinder Coming home. I love to create worlds that no one has ever witnessed, and that’s what makes film making so special, in my eyes. And you can do this without getting a terrible shaky shot.

There is no reason in my mind why this scene was better served by the handheld technique as opposed to stablizing the camera. It’s motion, to me, makes it feel more real. What if the Native Americans were right?

How Shooting Handheld Can Improve Your Films and Videos

Despite the handheld trend, I believe it should be used sparingly. Feel free to send us an email, find us on Instagram, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook. And since the film was to be shot in the beautiful Northern Norway I knew we could get something unique, and something mystical, which I love. I never noticed because it isn’t obnoxious, but rather subtle. World wide release of The Camera Hack tonight about sndyax Norwegian time! Along your career you collected many awards andgax accolades.

And there is a difference between hand held with a GH5 hooked up to a Panasonic version two and a hand held shprt. Is there a new project in the works and if so, how will you be able to improve upon the previous projects? Is there anything you would improve if you could? Leave this field blank.