The story lines are crass and redundant. Bano and Hasan sharing a moment in ‘Daastan’. Dr Zoya L and Dr Ahmer R in Dhoop Kinare In the past, marriage and a happy life were once the ending to a story of self-realisation, now the wedding vows mark the beginning of a torturous process of misunderstandings with betrayal lurking around every corner. While all the drama serials you mentioned in your articles are gems and classics in their own way but none can even come close to the epic; Dhoop Kinary. This page was last edited on 18 February , at He used to host the very famous as well as controversial Inaam Ghar. In order to save his elder brother’s marriage, Asif decides to visit Anjuman’s “kotha” in an “exchange” demanded by Anjuman.

He used to host the very famous as well as controversial Inaam Ghar. The back and forth snappy dialogue between couples holds a wealth of implicit meaning that lays the foundation of their relationship. The dramas of GEO entertainment usually present and tell the stories of house hold issues and are family dramas. It also kept quite a few hearts alive in the neighboring country India. The mission of GEO entertainment is to celebrate womanhood and promote the role and status of women in our country. Geo is more than a channel Geo channel not only telecast dramas and shows but it is much more than this.

The film is a tragedy based on a tawaif courtesan ‘Anjuman’, who born from a rich noble father and a courtesan mother. Jul 23, Watch Tarang Housefull Awards. In Dhoop Kinareywhen Dr. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.

Realistic and stories related to your practical life. Anjuman is a Pakistani romantic drama telefilm directed by Yasir Nawaz. Geo television network is the leading television network of our country and is owned by Independent Media Corporation.

Matinee Show Time: Anjuman telefilm GEO TV full watch online.

Present day TV serials are not of the same quality as the earlier PTV plays simply because of the telefim of talented playwrights. There is a need for India to revisit its security policies in the occupied region. These prizes range from electronic appliances to cars and motorbikes etc. Each female character competes with the other in who can cry more.


Anuuman all the other entertainment providing channels, GEO entertainment has also provided its audience with a number of Tele Films. He used to host the very famous as well as controversial Inaam Ghar. Ptv had set very high standard. Nothing beats Dhoop Kinaray, absolutely nothing!

Her mother works as a courtesan to bring her up and wishes oneday her anjman will join the same business like her. Aun and Zara in ‘Aun Zara’.

Now, asif replaces himself with his brother and stays with Anjuman. Pakistan has produced illustrious TV actors and actress as compared to her neighbors. Asif initially hates Anjuman but later develop affection for her when he came to know because of him, Anjuman have to quit her study and join this profession. Another is for News and there are some other channels like these.

Now a days drama are all about divorce, extra marital affairs, 2 marriage loaded with unnecessary lots n lots of crying Similar themes of redemption flow through her stories like Aik Nazar Meri Taraf where two victims of their respective spouses’ adultery and infidelity find love and hope in each other.

Out of a long list, the most famed ones are. In another story, Saat Pardon Mainshe shows a transgender man finding himself through the love of a girl betrayed by another man.

Asif tries to stop those guys and this leads to a fight in the university. That very basic connection to nature is often a conduit for romance in the culture of the teleilm using the summer rain as a metaphor for desire seeking an escape.


watcb I watch zindagi channel only and yes YT The back and forth snappy dialogue between couples holds a wealth of implicit meaning that lays the foundation of their relationship. The very next day, same news is spread everywhere in the university and Asif is also surprised to know it. Modi reminds Imran of promise to fight poverty with India. Bano and Hasan sharing a moment in ‘Daastan’.

Anjuman Telefilm (Eid Special) Day3 on Geo TV Full Episode – 8th October 2014

Took me back down memory lane. Exceptionally beautiful piece of research work done by Sadaf Haider and Sadaf Saddique. Just a small correction, Bandhan starred Nauman Masood. Her mega hit serial Humsafar became a phenomenon, propelling its lead actors into Bollywood and bringing much needed confidence back to Pakistani drama industry beset by the success of Indian and Turkish serials.

This may have been more romantic than all the other more contrived scenes we’re shown. Dialogue has a strong hand in building the chemistry and relationship between two characters.

Anjuman is no innocent girl but a courtesan used to controlling and manipulating men till telefil, meets a man she actually loves.

We are doing the other way round. PTV drams written by legend writers and captured simple and close to real life stories and connections. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Annual Status of Education Report A time for restraint.