Filmed in Sweden with a Swedish cast and thus with English subtitles , the series features excellent cinematography and high production values. Epsiodes and Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter: Annika travels to Costa del Sol, Spain, to cover a story about a Swedish family who was killed during a burglary. Rupert17 1 June In the dark winter of northern Sweden, a journalist is murdered. I really enjoyed this series. Was this review helpful?

Season 1 Season 2 Sort by… Alphabetical Release date. Directed by Ulf Kvensler Bad screenplay, bad directing, likable actress rightwingisevil 1 May The acting is very good. To aggravate things, no one of the perpetrators were ever caught. However, a smart audience will eventually want to see more grit and complexity in its criminals.

Was this review helpful?

There’s a twist to the usual family dynamic in that Annika is the more workaholic and absent parent and her poor, long-suffering and extremely hot husband is often stuck home with the kids, or lying languidly shirtless in bed waiting for her just as she has to go out and investigate a tip.

The remainder of the cast is good Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window. A Place in the Sun: But she is not portrayed in any glossy fashion – she wears dark eyeliner, sloppy t-shirts and has pronounced bags under her eyes.

When a stripper from a club called Studio Sex is killed, the case becomes political dynamite after the police find out that the Minister of Trade visited the club on the night of the murder.

Subtitles Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter – Prime Time

I like the fact that even such a stunning woman, can have marital problems. With the help of Bertil, Annika is able to go to the past and the activities of the Red Fox leftist suntitles. In another episode Annika recalls being nearly raped as a young girl.


I’ve read reviews elsewhere in which men complain about having to hear about Annika’s family life also with Irene Huss, another Swedish crime solver I love so this may be more something women and those interested in women’s lives would enjoy. Directed by Peter Beengtzon, It’s really an excellent series with great flow and pacing.

Annika’s own life is in turmoil. The actress was ten years old inthe last big year for protests. Neglish aggravate things, no one of the perpetrators were ever caught. I enjoy a number of things about this series. There was a period where it finally became too implausible, with detectives in their 30s, in the s, being Vietnam vets, so they started making them be veterans of Grenada! The casting of Malin Crepin is key to the success of this series.

amnika The gruff suspender-wearing editor is a pale copy of J. As the investigation proceeds, she finds herself at odds with both the police and her superiors. Would anyone notice if they were different from one episode to the next?

In the end, she must discover the truth not only about the murders but also about the lies that are destroying her own family. Directed with style by Agnetta Fagerstrom-Olsson, this series is a winner. This Swedish television series captures the work and personal life of Annika Bengtzon, a tenacious journalist who relentlessly strives to unveil the truth and identities of criminals. As she investigates, it becomes clear that the murders are connected vengtzon a drug trade that reaches from the hashish farms of Morocco to wnnika streets of Sweden.

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter – MHz Choice

Based on Liza Marklund’s novels, the figure subtitlles an indefatigable newspaper reporter, Annika Bengtzon is a woman with high principles who believes in the pursuit of justice by the power given to her by the newspaper where she is clearly, the star.


Working the story also brings up bad memories for Annika and she finds herself taking it all personally. Sorry, prim blog cannot share posts by email. Yep, he gets the boot. Now with Iraq and Afghanistan police depts will be well stocked with the necessary gravitas that only combat experience can provide, benghzon many years to come. Lifetime Sn 1 Ep 5 Episode 5 Lonely and divorced, Annika spends most of her time at work to forget her private misfortunes.

Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter: Scandinavian movies and Tv shows. Annika has a partner and two children, but her job as a crime reporter often and summarily sends her on cases away from her family and into a degree of danger.

Subtitles Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter – |

You see how Annika steels herself from being impacted from most of it, and yet some cases really get to her. However, a smart audience will eventually want to see more grit and complexity in its criminals.

And Annika’s newsroom, with its “stop the presses”-type reporting seems an anachronism. In the office Annika was talking to Berit, one of the other reporters who was apparently an old-time lefty.

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I really enjoyed this series. On her way to a family gathering, Annika has to leave her boyfriend and two children to report on the murder of a famous television host. It’s enough having to read the subtitles, without being distracted by this ridiculously beautiful woman.

On the other hand, the plot itself is intriguing and as I did not figure out the real killer, I can give 7 overall points.