I’ve seen people using it. D I am not who you think I am, only but just a dream. I personally enjoyed it, so I will watch SAO 2. Feel free to add your suggestions guys! Here’s an anime I watched a while back: Most of them filled with 20 mins of individual characters staring impossibly hard at each other before a 20 second fight. People who have seen it know what I am talking about. I rather liked it:

Or is this a “Surprise me” post? Mirai Nikki FMA doesn’t actually follow the manga, making it essentially fan-fiction. Think back to the black hair girl disappearing – there must be some clues in there. Let’s just say “Everything ever done by Satoshi Kon. Season 3 is also green lit already from what I understand. On my list now. Does anyone want to join my Bible Black club? I know the forums give me a terrible image but I ignore it.

You couldn’t care less because you have no fun in your life! Puella Magi Madoka Magica Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, try it anyway. Thanks to you for actually finding them!

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Like anime as a kid but am slowly growing out of it mostly because I’m too ADD to try and sit through a whole series of anything now a days. Can somene link me to a website with medium quality My computer sucks, I built it from scraps so it can’t handle high quality without freezing up english dubbed? Galaxy Express – movie Tokyo babylon X – the forever. I’m far enough in to kinda understand how it works. Also I’m adding usagi drop to the list. Also RWBY is great, the anime-esque style is pretty good and rather unique.


For anime of that age and length there were very few filler episodes, too. Riki’s only redeemable feature is his optimism and kindness.


Slow clap for Enkidu. It doesn’t bore you though because they change the screen alot to make give it more Works cause the stories are anojana.

What a build up! Still haven’t watched it yet.

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Orange, the chess game and Spinzaku were all hilarious. Had to read the manga afterwords – a bit disappointing but least it progresses a lot further.

Most of them filled with 20 mins of individual characters staring impossibly hard at each episore before a 20 second fight. D Don’t list any anime from new season. Read the review on MAL, and I think it seems interesting.

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I’ve heard that it has a more focused story line then the first season, but I can’t get past the animation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The greatest things the girls want is to be praised by their handler, who is the most important person to each of them.


Great watch, if you saw the TV series the movie continues it. Got my astro a40s. Hurry up and come out already damnit!

Basically it’s about a utopian society that has phykokinineses powers. The only problem is every time I try to get one of my friends anohaha watch kill la kill they immediately pass it off as hentai. It’s definitely one of my favorites of all time.

Everything makes sense now right? Arcurio Square Speakers Corner. True anime fans love the underrated ones: He is always at the back, commanding the team and giving support when necessary. Currently On Toonami Saturdays: So I had to watch on my PS3, but really, they’re selling dvd animewwaffles separately.