Zane laughs and says he’ll accept her offer, if she wins the war. Laurence is keeping Garroth at bay, and trying to talk him out of doing this. Wait, what’s going on in the village? All Aphmau images from season 1 KittenCraft Gaming 3 years ago. A lot of time passes, the village of Phoenix Drop grows and is preparing to celebrate the wedding of Donna and Logan, two townsfolk in the village. To escape them, they find shelter inside a abandoned castle.

Logan soon recovers as well, and everyone, along with the new friends they had made, returns to Phoenix Drop. Aphmau meets tons of people on the way, and helps them out. There’s a party though! Aphmau immediately tells Garroth about the baby. Score Fitter Episode 18 of Merlife! Donna is panicking because while on her honeymoon with Logan, they decided to learn more about Logans werewolf origins. Hi Falciens thank you for all of your support and for your suggestions for the new series we’re working on it and you guys had some awesome suggestions I’m so And decides to take refuge there for the night.

Aphmau heads to Bright port to see if the lord can help heal Garroth, but soon discovers the lord has been missing for some time.

Fp in order to create it, she has to use Urngerths spirit stone. When they arrive the alpha reveals his diarifs to be Boldolf. Aphmau successfully rescues Lowell and returns him to his werewolf tribe. Just when Aphmau is confronting the lord of Scaleswind Nicole approaches her father and punches him for being so stupid. Aphmau dismisses Laurences moves. He reveals the amulet has the magical power of taking one to any dimension they want. After the ceremony, when Donna and Logan go to enjoy their honey moon.

When they arrive they find the wolf village burnt down. As the alpha attacks he smells a familiar scent, the scent of Kiki. In exchange for information about the lord, Aphmau helps get Johns friend, Lowell, a werewolf cub, out of a hunters cage.


The lords are able to recover and form a alliance with Aphmau called the ‘Phoenix Alliance’. Aphmau asks Kiva where the lord mindcraft Bright port is and Kiva says he was taken away by a masked man. Aphmau 4 years ago. I pay a visit to the new guy to see what he’s been up to. She comes asking Aphmau about her encounter with Jeffory the Golden Heart. Once she is there she meets the elder wyvern.

The next morning the lord of Scaleswind is at the front gates with his army. Zane laughs and says he’ll accept her offer, if she wins the war.

He explains the lord of Bright port came to the village to seek peace with them, but interrupted a summoning ritual of the nether portal. Donna was able to escape with the help of Dante, a new graduate who finished his training.

Aphmau then finds out while she was gone Zenix attacked Phoenix Drop. Aphmau agrees and heads off to minevraft chicken shamans hut. Aphmau extends her hand in apumau to Zane in a attempt to stop the war before it starts. Aphmau tells the lord of Scaleswind of Nicoles disappearance. While Malachi was scaring Dante and Aphmau, Garroth and Laurence find their way into the castle, as they wanted to help Aphmau on her journey to save Logan.

Aphmau knocks Zenix out, but as she did that the masked man appeared and took Zenix away, vanishing. Once the doctor is in Phoenix Drop, he explains that its beyond his medical abilities to heal Garroth, but the lord of Bright port is incredibly skilled in healing magics.

Minecraft diaries the Irene dimension Paige Sturrock 3 years ago. And decides to take refuge there for the night. On her trip back to Phoenix Drop, she bumps into Laurence, who is riding his wyvern, Urngerth. She then realizes that the masked man led her to a village.


Minecraft Journeys-“The Steal And The Kiss”(MC Roleplay) #3 | HaydiSeyret

Luckily her maid doll summons her other maid friends and saves her, bringing her back to the maid cafe. Just as Zane is about to absorb the relic, the relic appears in front of Aphmau and absorbs into Aphmaus body. Aphmau, along with Laurence and the chicken shaman make their way into the nether. But Zenix has discovered that Levin is a bloodline descendent of lady Irene and is planning to use Levin as a ritual sacrifice. Garroth is concerned about their previous lord, assuming he ‘disappeared’.

Satiel, Castor and Aphmau have to take extra precautions when getting ready to turn on their reactor, after all it IS nuclear and we don’t want any super-human The next morning Aphmau sees a box at her door step. Aphmau looks on in awe as right before her stands the friend she once knew.

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But after he jumped in the demon of the nether destroyed the portal so he could not escape. Good Bye Frozencat 2 years ago.

Its also revealed that Garroth has a fiance, which his fiance is the daughter of Scaleswind. The next morning, Garroth sends Aphmau to fetch aphhmau from Bright port to help heal Brenden.

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Aphmau Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Ep 79

Aphmau next starts cleaning up the village when she finds Laurence unconscious on the ground next to Urngerths grave. Aphmau sets off to find these people, concluding they must know something about the lord. Now making Zane the new minecrafy target. In the cells they meet a witch named Lucinda.