I wonder how things will end up for Eunoh now that we know he was once dead. Bang-wool trips, so they get surrounded in no time, and the head minion orders Bang-wool offed first. Postingan ini di dedikasik He traces the steps and finds the markings, and compares. Redge September 19, at I’m always excited about this show! I really like min ah

Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 9 part 2. AND Arang got her new outfit! Arang mopes that maybe Eun-oh was right after all. I thought Arang and Eun-oh were the same kinds of beings. Finally someone who thinks the same way. Mu-young hovers around the king of heaven, wanting to ask something but not being able to, and the king of hell watches from a distance. Nice Guy is going really good. Suddenly they crash through his doors and land in a tussle outside, and it wakes Arang.

Sinopsis Nineteen part 1. Does he have an expiration date too, or does he just get to live on, if he survives the war? Love all the music that goes with it too. Nad dealing with gaksital-ending withdraw.

She feels the fabric and looks at all the colors with such deep appreciation. JK’s protrayal of Eun-Let’s feelings is just such a tease, even up to the aftermath of the kids of life. I want to devour every single details and scenes.


Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

I do, I do! She comes out wearing a new hanbok, and hearts practically shoot out of sinosis eyes. Mu-young asks again if the hairpin is his, and who gave him the fan.

But thank goodness for the outburst, not that it changes their insistence on not forming an attachment. So awesome this drama.

That’s what I’m hoping, that it’s the favor Jade will ask of Hades. Poor kid was literally dying and his mom just runs off like that. Arang mopes that maybe Eun-oh was right after all. He reaches epislde building where she is, and approaches the door.

AND we got another Eun-oh trespassing on someone’s property scene. They go to Bang-wool to ask if she recognizes the symbols, and tell her to look into what they could be used for. He is amazingly natural since he does all the fights and some of the choreography.

Mia September 20, at 9: I sinopsid her in Wild Romance.

Thanks for the recap, I still have some Arang catching up to do since I’ve been marathoning Answer Me and going through Gaksital withdrawal.

All the romance and tragedy are still looming over me. I believe Lord Choi even married that vessel.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

She probably wants to get rid of Jade and Hades, cuz she can’t keep hiding forever! Thanks very much for the recap, girlfriday! The mysteries in this show are just so well thought out and the progression of the reveals are perfectly paced, I think.



His mixed-up feelings are a fantastic turn, and I really hope that a growing attraction to Arang continues to change sinopsiss. I’m usually bad at recognizing celeb cameos, but I definitely recognized her in like 2 seconds. Episodes by LollyPip. She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means they draw her out into the open.

Redge September 20, at 1: Such enduring and endearing sense of protectiveness over a being that magitrate die She asks all the questions a normal person would ask, but Eun-oh just tells her to think of it like a friend she thought was dead is back. Exactly, thats why I ditched cable and magistate watching them online. Ella Zala September 21, at 9: A verification email has been sent to your new email address.