Lee Joon Gi Main Cast. I am more concerned about: Even though I stare and stare, I can’t get enough. Was so glad when Arang said her old maid probably thought of her Seo Rim as a daughter. Thank you for the recap girlfriday! The next day, Eun-oh informs his Bang staff of his intent to hire patrolmen.

Still doesn’t forgive his actions but I feel like his situation makes more sense like that. Must do the same to my bf the next time he forgets my valentine’s day flowers. I just love the way you elaborate on the nuances and you ad-lib comments.. LJK’s acting is out of this world. Arang, girl, don’t make our Magistrate suffer, ok? Well yay for that. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Please add if you like: Oh my gosh, I love this show!

Afterall this wld tie in with Jade’s words abt how his life is not his anymore. But he says they should have sent her straight to hell. Kim Magisrtate Gun Supporting Cast.

I crying and have a very heavy heart during the moment with her nanny. But if they are going to do epdrams like this, at least let us have some good OTP romance moments before that. It gives insights into what I am watching and a way to understand it better. It matches with the story line so well. We use her head-tilted, bug-eyed stare now whenever one of us is playfully mad or scolding the other for a silly mistake.

And very tbe and loyal to do so too, its all too easy to follow your master’s whims and not point out the wrong things that he is doing.


So much more manly. I still want JW to live with the reanimated body of SR.

Arang and the Magistrate

Although the scene is beautiful, sweet and keep lingering magisstrate my mind, I’m hungry and greedy for more romantic and intimate scenes between EO and Arang. Eun-oh bursts in moments later, making sure nothing is wrong. I just wanna watch the ending now. Like she wants to stay away from Eunoh, blah blah. Now I wonder what EO was trying to say before the episode ended: Does that help with the confusion?

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She’s not really giving up her immortality. He truly paid attention to every single detail of epdramaa character and played out his feelings well. September 20, at 8: She escaped and posessed a dead woman body, and that’s how she knew how to use it. Yeah, she had to learn to let go. Joo Wal has never had to learn scruples or identification with the sufferers.

Arang The Magistrate Episode 12

Maybe Mu-yeon put a block on his brain or something? JK September 21, at 1: No time to dilly dally.

I generally dislike characters suffering but I gotta say that cautionary characters, placed in a story to warn potential evildoers, are often powerful. EO and Arang have better chemistry also than the leads of Faith. I won’t be satisfied unless he repents probably with his life if they’re going that route but seeing how it’s going now, this’ll make a great character arc.


Due to his sins, he’s unable to get the heart of the woman who used to love him deeply. Arang asks where he was on the full moon, and he guesses here, since the view of the moon is quite nice from this bridge.

I would say a lot of them have been depicted as ladies-in-waiting, although I’m pretty certain some of them have more important contributions like Nv Wo, the fairy who made humans in the world out of clay.

Ohhh Lord Choi, even if he is not the “big evil” in this drama I just want to slap him across the face every time he appears on screen So when Sato comes home from his fight with Oma, and lays against the wall, I wanted her to reach out and put her hand on his cheek, stare into his eyes, and tell him it was going to be all right.

That’s a great observation.

I hope in the next episode she finally is forced to epsode a clear decision about how she feels about EO. I wonder how Choi came to meet Mu Yeon. Arang made my day. Maya October 4, at 5: