Year Leap month 05 04 02 07 05 04 08 06 05 That’s still a lot of dead girls, esp. She’s upset because she 1. The other evil minion manages to grab the male soul and run off with him. I’m thinking the writers either are so in love with her pluckiness that they have totally not realized how she comes of. Thanks for the recap, javabeans! She got a name you know, Arang!!! Arang had his number, for sure, when she called him the warm heart inside the cold act. I agree that she is in this immortal state temporarily but if she happens to solve the mystery of her death which is connected to these these lost souls then I can see Jadie using his last card to reward Arang.

I’m not a fan of all the new fantasy stuff – I prefer my dramas to remind me of real life. Bare minimal flashbacks and all. That weirdness was compounded by the song that accompanied the preview for the next episode. Dol-swe laments the lack of confirmation methods to prove his theory. I guess this costume change is also a sign for his character change. Then EO turned up with jealousy.

Reaper gets slashed too.

When they died, Mu-Yeong was given a chance to become a reaper to redeem his sins, kimchicrama sister Mu-Yeon was unable to give up her evil ways, and was able to trick her way back to human world. The faces she and Dol Swe makes has me replaying their scenes. I can go to the extreme in EO’s defence that it’s still logical to assume Arang already realized that JW didn’t recognize her and thus pretended to not know him.

That is why, Arang believes that Magi, is only using her to get info about mommy! Redge September 6, at In episodes we had their own personal growth, but also the growth of genuine concern for one another.


Redge September 7, at His character makes you hate him but pity him as well. It’s great and unique – mavistrate doesn’t rush things too much since it has 20 eps.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This meant to be a constructive criticism! CPee September 6, at episodee I am interested in the villagers’ request of the Magistrate. How you solve that lack of communication? What kind of bamboos were they?

The King of Hell is so angry that he storms off. His only excuse is he has a lot on his mind with Lord Choi. Episodes by odilettante. If anyone likes this movie then pressed my yahoo nick: I’m dyingggg to see how my OTP is going to get together. I hope it can only get better. Magitrate Wednesday going to be here?

Love it when he admonishes his finger. I think the hairpin is the wand. Emmy September 8, magisrate 6: I feel like Mom doesn’t know Arang’s immortality is for a limited time only!

But he’s really rocking this role. What seems obvious so far is that Creepy Mom does not have the power to draw souls from living bodies – they must have died. Not that I’m some old-fashioned stick-in-the mud rigid type but it seems to me tht if she was his wife she could demand that.

So,after seeing your though about to stop Arang and want magjstrate recap NG,i not shock at all.

Does that mean she can’t even really die after the 3 moons are up? CaroleMcDonnell September 8, at 5: MY is confused about his feelings, so the tea doesn’t have a definite taste. Agree with everything kicmhidrama Arang being able revive her own body because of soul sealed inside. Lord Choi leaves his meeting with Lady Seo upset, calling her an evil witch. She smiles and hands the two swords to her two Soul Reaper minions. As a writer, I see that it is convenient that the writers said she was a shy demure lady.


Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Recap

Eun-oh follows her inside and starts to make an excuse for why he never told her about Joo-wal. So do your thang, honey! He sent men to find her… corpse. I’ve been reading loads of recaps on DramaBeans and I’d just like to thank you all for doing what you do.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Year Leap month 05 04 02 07 05 04 08 06 And is anyone else sort of indignant how Eun-oh got like two clean outfits in this episode while Arang got stuck with her one bloody, grimy outfit?

And how much does she demand of him in such a small time? Also, if we come down to Eunho vs. Episodd like they want spe.

But two reapers one of whom is Mu-young show up to stop them and a swordfight breaks out between the four.