Congressman Adam Schiff represents California’s 28th Congressional District, and throughout his tenure in Congress, he has focused on growing the economy, bolstering national security, strengthening our communities, helping small businesses, and improving education, safety and health care for our children. Goodness knows, Wall Street CEOs and their agents, minions, and operatives haven’t a clue how to proceed along such a decent path without being lead by their comfort-loving noses like Disney’s Ferdinand the Bull smelling flowers The embodiments were chosen and described in order to best explain the principles of the invention and its practical application to thereby enable others skilled in the art to best utilize the invention in various embodiments and with various modifications as are suited to the particular use contemplated. The method of claim 10 , further comprising transmitting a message reporting the identity and grid location of a meter which has stopped communicating with its Transformer Area Network. For simplicity, assume that impedance in Node N is properly largeā€”no power is being stolen in Node N. For example, a peer-to-peer transformer area network is also suitable.

Prior art methods for detecting power theft can be divided into three categories. Power information management apparatus, power information management system, and power information management method. Trainor has served in numerous domestic and overseas assignments regarding intelligence matters for the U. He is also Non-Executive Director of the UK Space Catapult, where he supports the national strategy to grow the space sector in the country. Air Force, Washington, D. Elbon holds a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is responsible to the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff for formulating policy supporting air, space, cyber, irregular warfare, counter-proliferation, homeland security, and weather operations. Gerstenmaier received a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University in and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Toledo in

Moreels holds a masters degree in management and entrepreneurship from the University of Lille and a masters of business administration from Hult International Business School.

Davidson also earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT. Obering holds a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from Notre Dame University and a master of science degree in astronautical engineering from Stanford University. System and method for single and multi zonal optimization of utility services delivery and utilization.

Further, that application discloses a method for determining the feeder and phase supplying a Remote Hub with power based on characteristics of a long-range message transmitted from the Remote Hub. Prior to joining Vricon, Mr.

The total billable kilowatt-hours produced by a typical electrical distribution grid anywhere in the world is substantially less than the actual power distributed, as measured at a distribution substation, over the billing period. Nagaraj serves as a Board Director for Auth0 and Nitrous.


Power theft represents a safety and quality-of-service issue as well as an economic issue. He has been working in the DC space policy community for 15 years, with experience in the non-profit, government, and industry sectors.

Prior to this, Philippe was Deputy Director of the International Astronautical Federation IAFwhere he built solid industry expertise in areas such as space policy, satellite systems and applications, as well as launch services.

Sapp was appointed the 18th Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. Twenty-fourth Air Force personnel extend, maintain and defend the Air Force portion of the Department of Defense global network. He is now working with the Disrupt Space team to create the European hub for entrepreneurs to create and grow space startups.

Department of Commerce’s Office of Telecommunications, and was a Presidential Management Intern and trade policy analyst covering the space launch industry for the Department of Commerce. Drake is a distinguished military graduate of the U.

She received a bachelor of science asrolink in materials science and engineering from the Astrooink of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. A theft alert may also be propagated via another available network connected to the Remote Hub or other communicating meter, such as an AMI network.

John Grunsfeld earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITa master’s degree and a doctrate in physics from the University of Chicago. Systems and methods for collecting, analyzing, billing, and reporting data from intelligent electronic devices.

In andhe served as the commander and science officer on the backup crew for Expedition 13 to the International Space Station. Sir Martin has a bachelor of science in electronics and Ph. Jurczyk was appointed Director in and oversaw research on solving such problems as global climate change, access to space, air travel, and future aviation vehicles.

The method silcer claim 8comprising reporting a change in the order of astrolinl meters from one time-stamped astrolknk period to the next as an anomaly potentially indicating tampering with the meters of the Transformer Area Network. His year legacy in sreies Department of Defense includes the development and deployment of transformational airborne, ground- and space-based systems. The technical losses due to the resistance of the low voltage line between the point of origin and each meter are presumed to be less than a predetermined amount, so that any difference in power loss above the predetermined amount can be presumed to be due either to theft or to line defects.

Voltage conservation using advanced metering infrastructure and substation centralized voltage control. The present invention does not require instrumentation of the transformer at the service delivery point service transformer. Matthew Schaefer Professor Matthew Schaefer zeries nearly two decades of law teaching experience and has taught courses in international law, international trade law, international business transactions, foreign relations law and policy, space law, and cyber law.


Admiral Cecil Haney is Commander of U.

Impedancewhich is normally extremely large when no theft is occurring, represents a potential unauthorized, unmetered load.

Matsuura started his career in satellite tracking and control. Power source supplies transformer with power at a medium voltage, which is stepped down by transformer to the low voltage range accepted by the meters in the transformer area, here represented by meter in Node asyrolink and meter in Node N Impedance represents the impedance of the medium-voltage grid.


Astrolinnk, Lieutenant General Ret. Curry Vice President – Washington Operations. Ehrenfreund holds degrees in Astronomy and Biology at the University of Vienna, where she also earned her doctorate, and she has a Masters of Arts in Management and Leadership.

Asstrolink method can be employed with some meters not having a Remote, but some thefts may go undetected in that case, depending on the topology of the TAN and the location of the unauthorized tap with respect to the communicating meters.

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In this role, Pysher primarily had the responsibility for development and implementation of ILS and customer specific mission assurance requirements. His career highlights include managing two successful flight programs and capturing several large NASA program awards. Other voltages in addition to some of these can be used elsewhere in the world. He has also been employed in operations in support of UK air defence and ballistic missile early warning at various stages of his career.

Register Today Top Reasons to Attend. This category of mechanism falls short because tampering can be masked by larger events such si,ver a legitimate aeries or interruption in service, and because it would create many false positives.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Marquart has held several positions in the aerospace industry. Aldrin was put in charge of creating docking and rendezvous techniques for spacecraft.

Bowen has more than 15 years of experience as a staff seires and commander in space and missile defense roles, including assignments at Army Space Command, the 49th Missile Defense Battalion, U.