Member feedback about Qaid-e-Tanhai: Goher Mumtaz signs his next project, “Meray Humdum””. The drama was a big hit and includes in the highest rated Pakistani serial. Member feedback about Aik Thi Rania: After the division of British India in , a great number of Shia Muslims residing in the Indian parts of subcontinent migrated to the newly formed state of Pakistan. Noor Pur Ki Rani.

Shehzad Sheikh topic Shehzad Sheikh is a Pakistani film and television actor and model, known for playing the lead role in the film Karachi Se Lahore. Member feedback about Qaid-e-Tanhai: When Zainab gets pregnant, she forces Ahsan to move out of their current place and rent a better home in some posh area. Kahe Ko Biyahi Badais. He is a star maker, she further said. Haroon Tou Piya Teri.

Member feedback about Bad Gumaan: Fariha gets married to her rich cousin Faisal and moves to London. UML Modelling and Profiling.

Food Evening With Rahat. Pakistani people for an alphabetical list of Pakistanis with categories. Zard Patay Sa Yeh Dil. Khuda Mera Bhi Hai Urdu: In a tragic turn of events, their elder brother Usman Syed Jibran burns Iqra alive in the name of honour.

As can been seen, some years have come with far greater number of entries than others. Can any one tell me the title of this TV series?


For this meee ceremony no nominations were made for terrestrial and satellite categories in Television section as no satisfied entries for respective portfolios were submitted. All takes place in a world full of glitz and glamour, where not is all what it seems, and in which the humanity of one man is tested and threatened. She rejects the life style of her parents as she wishes for a better life. Which super awesome, Samina Peerzada play mentioned in the list has been based on a true story?

Mere Khuwab Reza Reza. She is married to Jibran Alyy Khana misogynist, who cares less about his wife and beats her lot Mor Us Gali Ka. Haroon Tou Piya Teri.

Mere Ho Ke Raho Drama OST Title Song – video dailymotion

One year has passed Momal is married to sameer and Afroz to Immad. Shert Bet is kf Pakistani romantic drama serial. Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai.

Live Streaming Sky News. Rani Beti Raaj Karey. The family relocated to Karachi in Tumhe Kuch Yaad Hai Jaana. Meri An Suni Kahani. Ankahi News Beat Tonight with Jasmeen.

Kinara Mil Geya Hota. The awards were created and masterminded by Naheed Chowdhry who headed the Unilever Lux team at the time. While Shi’a Muslims have found a refuge in Pakistan, tensions between them and certain sections of Sunnis has resulted in the ek of Kisi Ko Maan Liya Apna.


They are in generally poor condition due to rain and neglect, although their bricks are still visible. After that his mentor Tariq Meraj made sure that he worked on his shortcomings and improved his craft by working with him on many projects.

From 1966 To 2017, The Top 115 All Time Best Urdu TV Dramas

It is quite difficult for the parents to marry their daughters into good families. Nominees These are the nominees for the 4th Pakistan Media Awards. They say sometimes all you need is a single sign from the universe and everything falls into place. Member feedback about Tulamba: Zainab starts dreaming of a similar marriage but fate brings into her life Ahsan Ayaz, who loves her but who is not rich.

Tulamba’s population is nearly 50, She followed her acting career with a leading role in Bholi Bano in which she played innocent girl opposite Syed Jibran as lead. Member feedback about Ghairat: