Besides which, was Rick ripping out a guys throat with his teeth not savage enough?!!!! Chris Bigger March 31, at 9: Rick leaves his as well. The almost rape scene with Carl, though it was not Abe with Rick it was still just as bad ass. I would bet the farm Beth is with Gabriel. Thank you for playing me like a fiddle.

That last scene where everyone looks at Rick in the train cart was awesome. None the less of the scene feeling a bit forced together, it was so intriguing and amazing to see it happen and then to see the core of the group reunite. Did anybody notice any familar names on the floor in that crazy looking ritual room? Was hoping this was a part of this episode: The show depicted police officers targeting criminals with a high-tech bait car , rigged with hidden cameras and radio trackers. These cannibals are toast. This episode was intense.

The creepy pedophile is laughing while Carl struggles. This was probably my favorite episode of the season, it was great. He says he got the watch from a dead person.

I do feel that the second half of season 4 really put to much focus on what everybody was doing after the war at the prison. Will see in season five.

Desmon Palmer March 30, at 7: Tara is sincerely remorseful for being on the other side of the fence… sad thing is, she may not last all that long in the show.


I wonder what will happen when Carol and Tyreese arrive. There are other people being kept prisoner, but I worry that they may be more carr a liability than a hindrance. Gina Zampatori March 30, at 7: Michonne trusts that kid with all her heart.

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October is going to be a long wait. With the man dying on the ground Rick continues to stab him over and over.

Joe and his gang will find Rick, Carl and Michonne camping somewhere and they will ambush them. Will be having nightmares for 7 months waiting to see what happens next! Almost getting to be a bit much for regular TV. This episode blew my mind!! Epizode episode really had a lot packed in.

Apparently Im wrong, others tell me she was in the train car. A cannibilistic cult that has somehow perverted some scripture — thus justifying their behavior. Either way, until the return of the TV series I will be well entertained I think. I love the new darker Rick when Carol gets there and Rick, Carol, Daryl, Carl and Mishonne deal with the Terminus people its going to get ugly real quick. I have a feeling carol and tyreese saw everything and will sneak in and free the group epispde the A train.

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Also, our dear brothers Daryl and Rick.

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Fantastic end aylanta a season. What they did with the flashbacks was a very important part of rounding out his story and progression through season four. I think this was a good guy whose intent was to save Beth.

Viva la Incredible Rick! Court TV original programming. Desmon Palmer March 31, at 4: Cannot wait for next season! Man, I got to find something to disloge this piece of throat.

Episode 416: A – Recap and Discussion

I only have a certain number of questions after this season finale some have haunted me for quite some time. We have been seeing our characters in season four grow and realize that being alone is not an option but together is what brings them strength.

I got the chills when Rick called Daryl his brother. Billy Simonson March 30, at 7: Lil March 30, at 8: Episode 16 was no different. After they terminate the Terminus group.

I think the two halves of Season 4 are the most disparate of abit the seasons—they could literally be two separate seasons.