Before they can do so, Dan must say goodbye to Julie. Jake, using Coredem’s body teleportation powers, takes Dan with him into BI. Jake has been captured by Kazarina and is tortured by her. Dan is caught off guard by Jake and is imprisoned in a cell that keeps Drago in ball form. Please subscribe for more Bakugan Gundalian Invaders Episodes more!! A battle quickly ensues between Fabia and Jesse, both her and Aranaut eager for revenge on Jesse and Plitheon. November 16th, at

Marucho and Jake act as the decoys while Fabia leads Dan and Shun to the generator. Drago struggles against Dharak, and is knocked out and reverts to a primal state, relying solely on instinct, but Dan manages to snap him out of it. Just then Jake suddenly walks right back into Neathia, claiming to have escaped, however, Shun is not easily convinced of this. Ren is given one final chance to prove himself to Barodius. Back on Earth, Jake and Julie believe that what Dan saw was a dream, though he is still convinced that it was real. Meanwhile, Gill informs Barodius of Nurzak and Kazarina’s betrayal and heads to stop him before he leaves for Neathia. The same two brawlers who accused Dan of lying reappear, now brainwashed by Gundalia, and battle Dan and Jake. Before they can do so, Dan must say goodbye to Julie.

In retaliation, Sid and Zenet challenge Dan and Ren to a battle. List of figures Game Anime. Ren decides he has had enough of Barodius’ false promises and turns on him to fight by his true friends.

However, Lumagrowl and Lytherius attack Plitheon for turning on his master. Ren attempts to get Marucho to switch sides, but he refuses to leave his friends.

Gill sees this as a good idea and sends her to spy on Kazarina as Nurzak. Shun explains that the only person who could plant an unlikely bug that caused Fabia’s defeat was someone familiar with the BI System, someone like Ren. Dan demands to have Jake returned and Barodius complies, but Jake is still under the influence of Gundalian hypnosis and attacks Dan, knocking him out in the process.

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders – Episode 30 with subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

Dan is separated from Shun and Marucho who battle Airzel and Gill. Fabia single handedly infiltrated the Gundalian palace and rescued Aranaut, who has no memory of Jin.


Jake wants to gundaliqn him, but Dan tries to hold him back, as it is too dangerous, fearing that it may be a trick by the Gundalians. Bakugan Gundalian Invaders – 29 – Genesis Steelwall4 7 years ago. The Avatar is quickly taken out as Ren discovers Marucho’s invasion. November 16th, at 8: Drago is suddenly ambushed by Ren and Linehalt but the two are too evenly matched.

Dan gives Jake a practice match, but Jake feels he is not ready to become an official Bakugan Battle Brawler. The upload is bakkugan and Dan easily defeats Koji with Drago’s Assault Vehicle, but Koji is still under their influence.

This is episode 30 of Bakugan: Dragonoid Colossus appears to take everyone back to Neathia, but the Twelve Orders summon their Bakugan to stop them. Dan asks if they can just shut the shield off to let Ren in, but Fabia refuses and leaves.

The brawlers, still waiting for Nurzak, conclude that they have either been stood up or something has happened to Nurzak.

With Drago receiving the Element from the now departed Neo, the Brawlers decide to head back to Neathia to help fight off the Gundalians. In return, Barodius names Kazarina his second in command, demoting Gill in the process.

Eventually their numbers dwindled to just Linehalt. When Kazarina and Lumagrowl begin giving Shun too inavders trouble, Dan and Hawktor suddenly arrive to save the day! Aranaut reveals he knew the entire time and was only faking because Fabia had never mentioned Jin because she wanted to protect him. Meanwhile, Ren leads the other Gundalians to kidnap two brawlers named Taylor and Casey.


Bakugan Gundalian Invaders 1 A New Beginning

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders – 02 – Revelation Steelwall4 8 years ago. The rest of the Brawlers arrive just as Jake is defeated. Linehalt asks if Ren is sure to which balugan replies he has no other choice.

Ren reveals that he is now in sole control of BI. Dan gundaliaan to get Ren to join them, but Ren refuses to forget those who have fallen at his hands Sid, Lena, Jesse and Zenet.

Meanwhile, Nurzak suggests they split up again, himself with Fabia and Ren with Mason, in hopes of surprising Kazarina, having already lost the element of surprise earlier.


Just then Jake suddenly walks right back into Neathia, claiming to have escaped, however, Shun is not easily convinced of this.

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Marucho however, gets dragged into a presentation in which Jake teaches the Gundalian soldiers how to defeat the brawlers. Due to his inexperience, Jake quickly loses and feels he has failed Dan in proving himself.

While the brawlers help the Neathians rebuild, Jake has an argument with Dan, saying that they should keep pressing the attack on the Gundalians now that they have the advantage. This is episode 5 of Bakugan: It’s an all new adventure for the Bakugan Battle Brawlers when Dan’s family moves to Bayview City and Marucho’s Bakugan Interspace becomes fully operational to everyone, allowing kids all over the world to log on and display their battling skills.

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Jake finally reveals he and Coredem have been brainwashed by Kazarina and a battle ensues. Dan vows to rescue his friend. She then takes the brawlers to see the Sacred Orb, the true target of Barodious’ conquest, from which the Element fragmented from. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat On Neathia, the brawlers stand watch, waiting for the Gundalian forces, which arrives at sunrise. Though hesitant, the Brawlers accept and track down two moles identified by Ren, Sid Arcale and Lena Isis and a battle ensues.

The battle becomes so intense that the Sacred Orb shoots out dimensional rays, that should one get caught in, they will be sent around the dimensions without any way back. November 17th, at 8: The Sacred Orb, in response to Linehalt’s power, sends out its last defense: Dan heads to a cafe in town where Julie works to meet with his new friend Jake, a young brawler who is new to the game.