View the Lesson Plans. I respect all those that attempt to translate literature. The story collection Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto contains 3 titles. I will certainly be going back for more of what Banana has to offer. Click on a plot link to find similar books! FreeBookNotes found 6 sites with book summaries or analysis of Kitchen. Tsunday Favorites Cracked Humor site and fun facts. December 9, at 1:

A chicken to roast? Notify me of new comments via email. The second title, Kitchen 2 , is quite predictably a continuation of the first, Kitchen 1. The conundrum for me though, in spite of this I found what the characters did very interesting; enthralling in fact. May 28, at Notify me of new posts via email. Yoshimoto’s protagonist, Mikage, is fascinated with kitchens. After reading the afterword I felt even more bliss that she wrote a thank you to her coworkers but it was also in a restaurant she worked as a waitress in.

Considers herself to be an adoptive mother to Mikage. She finds comfort in the kitchen, which to her is the most important part of the house. An integral part is family and food. A strange woman named Urara surfaces in Satsuki’s life and helps her to bid a final farewell to her lover. I consider this interesting in the pacing of the novel; the yohimoto has her by herself and in baanna two it is the very same way.

He wishes not to involve Mikage in his problems but… well you know how it goes. This is evidenced when she questions him if she were to move back, would she be a friend or a lover.

Kitchen – Part 1, Kitchen Summary & Analysis

She dies fighting her stalker after he stabs her, she kills him with a barbell at the club. Has a round disposition to her and red lipstick.


In “Kitchen,” Mikage’s last living relative, her grandmother, dies, and she moves in with a boy she scarcely knows. SuperSummary – Kitchen Small provider of short book summaries. When her grandmother dies, Mikage is invited to go and live at Yuichi’s apartment with his ‘mother.

The one thing to think about though is how this book feels in a month or so. The story collection Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto contains 3 titles. This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat Until then, please stay tuned and thank you for reading. She wants to be with him and his response is… how delicious the katsudon was. After the boy’s transsexual father known in the story as his mother dies, the two characters realize how much they need one another.

After settling into her new home, she battles over death, sexuality, and existentialism. My goodness, great review! Together, the parent and son compromise, thereby making them both happy with their situation. This site uses cookies. Maybe the the gentleness and poetry she employs.

Nonetheless, people of all ages can be sure to find this a good read. In a couple of instances, it is just plain confusing. He is cheery and calls Mikage while she was at her old apartment for the last time. The first, the titular Kitchen, is the tale of Mikage Sakurai, a girl who, having recently lost her grandmother and having no other living relatives, moves in with the Tanabe family; Yuichi and his transsexual ‘mother’. View the Lesson Plans. So, after taking the time to say good bye to her old home, she stays in the apartment of Yuichi and his transgender “mother”, Eriko.


Kitchen Summary & Study Guide

Her charm captures Mikage instantly. As Tony says, there is something really intriguing there, amongst the odd dialogue….

Scars on a Soul by John H. Synkpsis here to see the rest of this review. However to our eccentric Yuichi who understands Mikage, he says the katsudon was delicious as proxy to agreeing with her, that he has the same feelings for her as well. I just love her. Mikage, the heroine, is an orphan raised by her grandmother, who has passed away.

Although one may notice a certain Western influence in Yoshimoto’s style, Kitchen is still critically recognized as an example of contemporary Japanese literature ; The IndependentThe Times and The New Yorker have all reviewed the novel favorably. She falls in love with the kitchen of Eriko, who is mother to Yuichi Tanabe; Eriko has a male past. If I missed anything, I apologize. He is optimistic and buys electronic devices, just like his mom, Eriko.

Yet without it, perhaps, I might have slept better. Kitchen is a collection of two novellas, titled “Kitchen” and “Moonlight Shadows.