On the other hand, Raghav informs Vidya that there were a few members of his family whom she should know about. Mahua informs Kartik that Sagar had married a village bumpkin. Sindoora says that like every time, each priest will be given Rs. Vidya promises Sindoora to keep her tastes in mind. Hema drags Vidya back home and berates her. When Uma is about to give Vidya a traditional welcome, Sindoora warns her to stop because strangers were not welcomed. Hema arrives then and asks her to start doing all the chores.

He returns home and lies to Kaushalya that the train had left 5 minutes earlier. Sagar throws her out and tells Uma that Sindoora had mentioned that Vidya is wicked! Meanwhile, Sindoora frightens Sagar about death and warns him to always listen to her. Meanwhile, Cheenu puts his aunts concern to rest and assures Uma that Vidya had indeed read the letter and approved of Sagar for his simplicity. He was married to Uma. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 6.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 2 – video dailymotion

Hema reminds her that Harsh was still around! Harish tells Sindoora that her father was very fond of this place, so Sindoora retorts that it is the same place that took his life away too.

Vidya enters the house and seeks Sindooras blessings but she and her sisters walk away.

Vidya requests her to let her go to her husbands house and perform her duty as a wife. On the other hand, Hema and Harish stage a drama and tell Sindoora that Raghav died as soon as Vidya stepped into the house! Sagar had asked Sindoora to rest, after having alst hard for her house and their dulhanj business. Later at home, Vidya tells her mother that she is not deserving of becoming the wife of Raghavs younger son. However, they are disappointed seeing Shalu with her loud make-up.

Kaushalya begs Sindoora to take Vidya with her but she retorts that Vidya had destroyed her familys happiness, and was jinxed! Sinha had always lash their father! Sinha arrives with a lawyer who declares that Raghav had willed his house to Vidya, and she also had an equal right over his inheritance. Vidya tells Raghav that she will return with him as his daughter-in-law and never betray his trust.


Just then, Kartik praises her food and gives her a sari but Vidya suggests that he give it to his wife. Vidya promises Sindoora to keep her tastes in mind. Hema tells Shalu how elisode had deceived Kaushalya into transferring the house in their name for Rs.

On the other hand, Harish gets the mortgage papers and asks Kaushalya to give her thumb impression on it. Hema gets worried because Harsh is to return only two days later. Meanwhile, Kaushalya refuses to let her daughter go to a house where her sisters-in-law are so wicked. Raghav takes Vidya to his ancestral temple and sees Sagar playing his rulhann. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episodes Hema puts on a charade of being happy and congratulates Kaushalya.

Hema tells Kaushalya that Sagar is a madman! Radha is only able to read the other page that asks Vidya to come to the temple in the evening if she agrees to the match.

Raghav and Uma visit Harish and they ask Hema to bring Shalu.

Uma asks Sagar to let Vidya stay in his room because she is his wife. Uma goes to open the door but Sindoora warns her not to come in her way because shed turn Sagar totally against her!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann 29.02.08 Part 2

Raghav and Uma are thrilled! She pleads with them to return. On the other hand, Vidya tells Radha that she cant believe her good fortune about getting married into such a good and wealthy family. Sindoora further says that it will also remind Uma that Vidya and she were responsible for Raghavs death! Vidya feels terrible, so Uma suggests to her to become Sagars friend first. Cheenu assures her that Vidya dhlhann surely come to their house.

Hema then asks her to also sing a song having her husbands name. However, the guests relish every dish prepared by Vidya. On the other hand, Vidya thanks God for the happiness bestowed on her.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Part 2 – video dailymotion

Uma leaves the room and Sindoora feeds different medicine from the one prescribed to Sagar. Raghav warns her not to create any more obstacles in Sagars mian, or he would disown her!


Uma begs him to come down. In fact, she is the one who caused the deadly car accident to kill Sagar but was unsuccessful. Sagar promises to spy on Vidya and a triumphant Sindoora permits him to.

However, Sindoora takes the phone and asks Kaushalya to take Vidya away if she is so worried because Vidya is not needed there! Later, Mahua praises Sindoora for having Sagar wrapped around her finger. Meanwhile, an upset Vidya realises suddenly that she has not spoken to her mother from the time she had arrived. A desperate Uma relents and tells Sindoora that only her orders will be followed at home. Hema comes there and promises that Shalu will look after Sagar but Raghav rejects the proposal.

Vidya feels extremely uncomfortable but just then, Sagar appears. Raghav asks her to accept the truth about Sagars marriage. When Vidya asks Kaushalya where she got the money for the wedding, Kaushalya lies that Harish and Hema had helped her. Shalu tells her mother that because Raghav and Uma accepted Vidya in spite of knowing she is illiterate, Sagar surely must be a boy of vices! Sindoora vows vengeance for Vidyas last statement!

Just then, they see Vidya helping children with their lines in a mythological drama. Uma defiantly tells Sindoora that even after Raghavs death, only his word would hold good at home. When Raghav and Uma see Vidya at the temple later, they are thrilled that Vidya has agreed to marry Sagar.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 3 on youtime dilsay 3 years ago 7. On the day of her marriage day, Vidya finds out that Sagar is mentally unstable, having the mindset of an 8-year-old due to the car accident that almost claimed his life.