Batman finds himself in no condition to pursue them and is forced to surrender his keys to the police at the most inopportune time. January 12, Special Guest Villain: This could be a plot to seperate us. The heroes are in dire peril, and the booming voice of Desmond Doomsday, our narrator who was in reality William Dozier, the show’s executive producer , finally makes its presence felt, asking Is this the ghastly end of our Dynamic Duo??? Either that or your sense of humour is pretty bad. It’s also worth noting that the Bat-Phone was wholly an invention of the show; in the comics, Gordon and the police had traditionally summoned Batman with the far more theatrical Bat-Signal, and while it shows up in the closing credits, it appeared very rarely in the ’66 era, notably in this episode and the movie. Gordon asks if anyone thinks they can handle the Riddler, and they all raise their heads to look at a bright red telephone sitting in the office. At Glover Ave.

Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Comics navigational boxes purge. Not only do we need to know that Batman himself exists, but we need to know that arch-criminals exist and that Batman has already fought them and put them in jail at least once, before we even get the first scene. Start your free trial. This early in the show’s run, there’s no celebrity guest appearance, but we do get Batman claiming that Robin can’t solve the riddle bceause ” your mind’s on that cute little teenager who waved at us across town ,” which is actually really creepy if you’re the kind of person watching this scene over and over trying to get a proper screen shot. Batman TV series episodes American television pilots American television episodes. The clues point to Glover Avenue, of course, and so the pair of crimefighters head off to investigate.

Batman and Robin must uncover the Riddler’s plot before the case comes to trial or Batman will be forced to reveal his true identity in court, completely destroying his value as a crimefighter and stunting his career forever.

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This is, to my knowledge, one of only episoee times that Batman’s origin is ever mentioned on the show, with the other being later in this episode, and that’s all he ever says. This page was last edited on 20 Augustat Goofs As Robin is being carried off after being hit with the tranquilizer, his cape falls off, revealing the appliance attached diddlee his shoulder which holds the dart in place.

Watching from outside, Robin attempts to help Batman, but falls victim to the Riddler’s tranquilizer dart gun. Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? The series opens at the Republic of Moldavia exhibit, located at the Gotham City World’s Fairthe Moldavian prime didxle slices into the Moldavian friendship cake batmxn unknowingly causes doddle to explode, releasing a concealed riddle.

It’s really hard for me to pin down who my favorite villain is — as soon as I think I have it pinned down to being Gorshin’s Riddler, I think about how great Burgess Meredith was in the episode where the Penguin ran for Mayor, and then I’m onto Victor Buono as King Tut, and we all know it’s really Julie Newmar as Catwoman — but if you want to talk about who was the most influential, it’s Gorshin in a walk.


Hi Diddle Riddle 12 Jan Can our heroes overcome the odds and win through? Operating table in mob hideout, drugs. You may remember St. The clues point to Glover Avenue, of course, and so the pair of crimefighters head off to investigate. He comes to the attention of the Gotham police after ridele up a cake at an embassy banquet, leaving behind some of his trademark clues.

The plot of both the comic and the hatman involves the Riddler pretending to reform and Batman getting in trouble for harassing an ex- criminal who hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Edit Did You Know? This could be a plot to seperate us. Season 1 Episode 1. Gideon Peale Ben Astar Harriet Cooper Madge Blake. There, they were a gang that eluded Batman by escaping through manholes, and in order to prove that he’d reformed, the Riddler helped Batman bring them down in the first act of the story.

But he tricks them; the heroes think he’s committing a robbery with a handgun. While the Riddler maneuvers Batman into being sued, the Dynamic Duo investigate the supervillain’s concurrent scheme.

Now, the villain is suing Batman, where he will be forced to ridele his true identity in court. doddle

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Diddpe encounters Molly at the bar, and when she taunts him with a riddle — ” why is a quarrel like a bargain ” — he’s distracted from the bartender slipping a mickey into his orange juice. Retrieved from ” https: Batman relates his previous history with the Prince of Puzzlers, plotting his crimes like artichokes, one tantalizing leaf at a time, offering clues to point authorities in the wrong direction.

Gordon solemnly makes the call, and on the other end of the eipsode, the red phone’s twin glows batmwn beeps in a lavishly appointed study, next to a bust of Shakespeare, where it’s answered by one Alfred J. Specifically, Batman epiaode “Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler. Usually on the other end to alert his employer is Alfred Alan Napiertrusted butler and confidante of millionaire Bruce Wayne Adam Westwho immediately rushes off with ‘youthful ward’ Dick Grayson Burt Ward for a bit of ‘fishing,’ a simple ruse to avert suspicion on the part of Dick’s devoted aunt, Mrs.

Sure enough, he’s right. Robin, however, suspects that there might be secret writing hidden on the subpoena, and so they head down to the Batcave to check it out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Unfortunately, when the Prime Minister goes to cut the cake, it explodes, which I don’t think cakes were supposed to do even back in the ’60s. It’s also worth noting that the Bat-Phone was wholly an invention of the show; in the comics, Gordon and the police had traditionally summoned Batman with the far more theatrical Bat-Signal, and while it shows up in bqtman closing credits, it appeared very rarely in the ’66 era, notably in this episode and the movie. Episodd track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


When we return from dlddle animated opening credits, Batman and Robin hop into the Batmobile — a Lincoln Futura concept car modified by customizer George Barris, which has since become synonymous both with Batman in general and the show in particular — and head out through a hidden entrance episove a cliffside for the mile drive to Gotham City. So what were they?

While it’s pretty impossible to deny its success in bringing the Caped Crusader into a huge number of homes twice a week, there were, and still are, a lot of readers who blame the series for emphasizing the campy, silly aspects of Batman at the expense of the darker and more serious themes. Well, after hanging the bars on the windows up with a Bat-Hook in the name of pedestrian safety complete bbatman a bit of jaunty xylophonethe Dynamic Duo crash through the window and tackle the Riddler, placing him under arrest just in time for a photographer to show up and catch the event on film.

Also, anyone who thinks that they weren’t actually cimbing a sheer wall and were just standing on a flat horizontal surface with the camera turned to the side, please note that their ricdle are hanging straight down. Batman Return to the Batcave: Was this review helpful to you? The jeweled cross he was taking from Peale another McGuffin lifted from the comic belonged to him, and the gun was, as the riddle indicated, actually a cigarette lighter.

Either way, it is a weird way to start a series. Along with the explosion is a note tied to a parachute that drifts down into the hands of a the policemen in attendance.

So will the Oscars still rock you? Our dates so far can be summed up as follows: Audible Download Audio Books. He then tries to destroy the car but the flames are extinguished by its “Bat-o-stat Antifire Activator”. At Glover Ave. The 91st Academy Awards isn’t the first year the show won’t have a host, but it will be the first time since the Snow White and Rob Lowe incident. Why is the Bat-Phone just sitting there on the desk? And that, my friends, is probably the most terrifying cliffhanger we’re likely to see, but it sets the pattern that the show is going to continue with for the next three years.