Today, the free state is home to both the oldest operating brewery in Weihenstephan, as well as one of the first solar-powered breweries in Hofmuehl in Eich- staedt, which operates its brewing equipment almost entirely with solar energy. The famous Franconian Bocksbeutel, bulbous round wine bott- les, which are subject to the Franconian wine, are now appreciated throughout the world. This page provides companies and investors in particular with a compact and well-structured overview of the Lower Bavarian business location featuring a comprehensive link collection concerning manifold topics. Today, the blue panther represents the old Bavarian-governmental dis- tricts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Bavaria. When it comes to company-related services with a consi- derable added value, the free state provides for a develop- ment above the average. As a leading IT location, the free state also ensures an intact technological infrastructure.

With their network of suppliers, the global players of the Bavarian automobile industry form the driving force when it comes to the de- velopment of new technologies such as electric and hy- brid power systems or energy-efficient carriages made of cutting-edge carbon material. A location that provides both optimal framework conditions for your business activities and quality of life and things to do in your spare time? USA Niederwinkling about years ago Bavaria is the world-wide leader when it comes to beer varieties and breweries. It makes Bavaria attractive to leading technology ventures worldwide and across industries. Two major research centers of the Helmholtz Association are based in Bavaria:

With an annual turnover of 12 million tons, the Bayernhafen of Nuremberg iinteractive is the largest and most important multifunctional center of freight trans- portation and logistics in Southern Germany. The growing internationalization of the Bavarian research landscape provides numerous connectors for companies in particular from foreign countries to transfer technologies and hands-on research projects in an uncomplicated way.

It was back inwhen engineer Anton Kathrein founded the corporation as a sole trader business in a cellar in the Upper Bavarian city of Rosenheim. August 17, Length: Ouwenga References This place on Geonames. I would like to thank BFI and all of the editors who have helped realise our productions. A passion for innovations and a traditional concept of quality are the foundation of manufacturing businesses that render approximately one third of the overall econo- mic performance.

Taken in August at the five o’clock showing. Plenty of pictures, tips and links to cities and municipalities. Deutsches Museum, Au source.

Tourism in Bavaria Sporty Bavaria: For many years they have been a reliable partner providing state-of-the-art solutions in terms of video asset management et al. When it comes to company-related services with a consi- derable added value, the free state provides for a develop- ment above the average.


To ensure feasibility and smooth access to innovative resources, the universities of ap- plied sciences in particular provide for an apprenticeship close to business and numerous options when it comes to mutual efforts between economy and science. Ideas buzz through the room; discussions are lively. Lower Bavaria has over 90, businesses of various sizes and industries, with overemplo- yees, especially in industry and tourism. Anton Kathrein invented a surge diverter ca- pable of considerably reducing the immense losses power companies suffer after being struck by lightning.

Since then, the number of visitors has risen to more than six million who celebrate the former Royal Wedding as a popular fair with fun and entertainment for everyone; be it on a state- of-the-art fun ride, at cultural highlights like the festive entrance of the Wiesn inns, traditional costume societies Upper Bavaria Bavaria Film in MunichGermany is one of Europe’s largest film production companies, with some 30 subsidiaries.

Taxi drivers, transport companies, municipal utilities, hotels and retailers earn more than million Euros over the course of only 16 festive days, from Wiesn visitors who spend another million Euros on accommodations. This pertains to key industries with high growth such as aerospace engineering, informati- on and communication technology, life sciences, medical engineering, materials research, environ- mental technology, mechatronics or nanotechnolo- gy; Bavarian inventions that have set international standards.

On a daily basis, goods of all kinds can be shipped by air cargo to any destination in the world, in large quantities by ship on the excellent Bavarian river and canal network or directly via the European highway network from the place of lading into the world. More information about the comprehensive services can be found from page This place is known by different names.

Additionally there are 65 horticultural producers, 45 florists and 15 wholesalers baaria miscellaneous lines. At the same time, the state government will keep expanding the already high propor- tion of CO2 -free power generation in all of Bavaria by gmby increased use of ingostadt energy sources.

Over half of the products produced here are exported. The Fraunhofer Society is the leading organization for applied research across Europe. The connection between the prosperous cities and rural areas makes for the special charm baavria the economic strength of the region. In numerous fields, Bavaria ranks among the high performers in Germany and Europe: Address 2,2 mi Albert-Rosshaupter-Str.

Exports from Bavaria have been steadily increasing for years. Hundreds of different chairs, lamps and toys ingo,stadt side by side in harmony. As a tourist attraction, the Royal Castle attracts well over a million visitors to the region and is both a gem and lucrative economic pillar. More than 1, highway miles make sure that all Bavarian regions are optimally connected to the intercity railroad transportation network of both Germany and Europe.


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An outstandingly constructed transportation, telecommunication and energy infrastruc- ture provides for an optimal supply of necessary goods and services, linkage to the global market and direct access to nearly half a billion consumers; an ideal business location. This mentality has not only given rise to a nationwide field force in engineering and in the food industry. But also ingolstadg recent times, important impulses were given in Bavaria.

Along with a start-up center, there is also the Franconian plastics net- work organizing on-site knowledge transfer from research to practice for both companies and institutes. Thanks to them, Franconia developed its own wine culture. Smaller cities in the vicinity These are smaller butyet relevant locations related to this place. Local Public Transportation The Bavarian cities go for a public traffic concept to ensure fast intercity services.

Economy and population benefited primarily from the introduction of compulsory schooling and the national standardization of dimensions, weights and currency, as well as the creation ongolstadt a single ingolstaadt area through the elimination of in- ternal tariffs and the medieval guild coercion.

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Harlaching District of Munich Bavaria – Germany. Where available, you’ll find the corresponding homepage. Because of their particular core competences, many of these have become market leaders in interactige respective segments. A smart and sustainable energy mix guarantees for constant power supply and steady prices at any time and everywhe- re throughout the free state.

Both the traditional academic landscape of Regens- burg, Eichstaett, from Ingolstadt to Munich, and many uni- versities of applied sciences provide the Fim industry with highly qualified personnel. We turn content into film for large enterprises and for international brands.

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