Was getting it on in Little Rock. They around too many kids and other shyt to not wash their hands. So Ma’am and Mars have separate sets.. But the Bish take em to go get flu shots every year. My kids was just complaining that Everybody Hates Chris is only on Fridays now. It’s real simple, there are characters on shows that irk me, that chick that died from the walking dead, the daughter in Revenge, Emily on General Hopsital shyt the list can go on point people are entitled to feel how they want to feel about a character and I like all the ladies in sex in the city

But he was just awesome. What you wanna talk about? Even when she was a little more than thick in Sparkle. I wonder if she is in a traditional school now. They must have gotten her a tutor bc I can recall on and park she didnt know the word congratulate…. My response to her and my boss…. Watched last night cause the Mrs told me that my girlfriend was on there.

Okay now lemme watch I can’t believe she admitted that I think more along these lines too. Watched last night cause the Mrs told me that my girlfriend was on there.

Social Awards

Even Castro lets his subjects eat cake every now and then. My kids are on year round allergy meds. Omari Hardwick is my new crush. Its still on TV for a reason. BET gives you a front-row ticket to high-profile concerts, sporting events and the world of entertainment.

Beebers Rochelle is funny as hayle.

Before he became President. He know somebody — and that is prolly how it is going to get out. I thought about that too, BNatural — because what group of women actually stand around kee-keeing with the help the male dancer? Don’t know how true that mwry tho.


Lawd it feels good to have a team that wins their games. Maybe he got some allergies? Trying to wait for everybody in the tunnel and kiss on them.

In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 3

Watched that ish ALL night and then went back the next day and got the rest of the seasons. The Thirst Is Real: My response to her and my boss Yall know I have a compromised immune system” I ain’t tryin to get. Well im glad you took him off the market cause its real out here.

You and E trying to kill me. Seasln Dat be having that good verified gossip. Figured I’d show SR some more love in Ddotomen light years ahead. Nat was it me or was they the funniest acting “friends” you ever seen?

R Willi dont make me fight you today. And you gotta watch now. That was my cousin TeeTee.

Chile I am watching this and I can’t do nothing but smh Chile I will always be teamwife. Play in dirt then go eat. The young starlet also recently did a stunning photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld, styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, in which she was able to show her unique and eclectic style. I think a tutor might have been the initial problem imo.

This show is great entertainment, screw that “side chick” schtick because people are going to always find something to whine about. I might try and watch this, if there is nothing else on.

Shawty swang my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shole look goodt to meh So wouldja please swang my wayyyyyyyyyy? Saw this twerk vid on the tube…. My coworker just sent an email to me and our boss saying she was able to get into the dr today so she’s gonna take an early lunch and come back. One time she said something about Math and since the internet apparently stalls in time?


He know somebody – and that is prolly how it is going to get out. From favorite celebrity follows, to the biggest memes, hashtags and trends of the year, this one-hour event will cover all of the most memorable and talked about social media moments that flooded timelines.

They stay doing too much Got sat down somewhere. Little snot, no coughing. SR is SR all is well, Never working with my irrelevant a. I sent a tweet out to Gabby offering seasno come pray with her…naked of course. MisTaken The Black Mamba says: Last Dsotomen recall, the wife was on the floor chuncking shoes at the husband talmbout “Get out!!!

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 6 – DDotOmen

Then she moved and they still the same. The best line was when she said how desperate I am to be sleeping with another woman’s husband. Gabby aint ddofomen with a married man. I love yo mama! I think they nassy I told her she need to teach them to wash their hands or something.