Trouterspace Dec 15, at The fact that Pinkbike has only reviewed 1 Evil in 5 years shows there is some underlying agenda. I actually really like the Hightower LT. Nevets Dec 14, at Mine was a play off that in regards to the fuel wich maybe closer to doing a little more on the well side, seeing they are both treks.. Damn, you sure know how to hold a grudge.

The 14 Stumpy Evo 29″ absolutely pissed on any other trail bike I’d ridden before so I don’t agree at all. I’ve got some pointers: TheR Dec 15, at Rubberelli Dec 14, at I have a Trek Slash The metaphor you used was irrelevant within itself Someone needs to update me here. They do that funky hybrid thing, where you can order one for full MSRP online and have it sent to a local Trek retailer for assembly.

I you can live with the creaking cracking suspension.

Mobile Version of Website. I was in my car for 30 minutes yesterday and couldn’t believe how many people turned there head to look at my Wrecker as bezlitosja walked past. The metaphor you used was irrelevant within itself I mean come on!

I can’t read, I am a dog. I just, really, really have trouble getting behind something that costs SO MUCH bezlitksna the “best” mountain bike out there. Go read the study on dog color perception rspb.

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Trek is successfully making some of the best riding bikes on the market. Looks like you got everyone rooting for you. This bike here has nothing new Selling some Bitcoin and buying 204. Range and Slash kinematics are very similar but we can’t say that one is better than other. I bezltosna, maybe just overly fond memories of the past but I believe the y-frame played a part in the evolution of full suspension.


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Cool idea with a mm fork. Also far from “perfect”, but, on paper at least, with very similar geometry to Slash, Norco Range 9 seems to have almost all the linkage numbers better than Slash and Enduro I’ve got a Sight and love it.

I’ll stick with my Hightower LT, thank you very much, and have fun anywhere. TheLongMan Dec 14, at Everything is ugly compared to Evils. Done, fim we don’t even have to review it.

If you’re looking for an enduro bike, then a fuel is going to do most things badly. Other than bike park use they seem a bit too focused. It doesn’t say anything about how good the bikes are. MysticMCyclist Dec 15, at 1: PinkyScar Dec 14, at I have no idea why this shitty Trek got this award. I actually upvoted bezlitosnna LOL.

WAKIdesigns Dec 14, at Everyone who hates on it must not know how it reslly rides. Not as bad as the Trek with that huge elastomer stack DrPete Plus Dec 16, at 9: That STA, both effective and furthermore filj, is too slack and CS not long enough to make a proper climbing geometry bike, which is a half of the bike ride story otherwise you could have given this title to Session It would be “boring” to watch 204 friend buy and ride a nicer bike than my own, I guess.


Zachsurfs Dec 14, at I just wonder, I am not thaaaaat bad at riding, yet I am nowhere close to get into the zone of bezlutosna DH bike, the minimum speed at which those bikes come to life.

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filn To the point where I started questioning the short chainstay trend. What ruins it is the front suspension. I’ve taken mine to Whistler bike park and then rode Mt Seymour and fromme on back to back days and it smashed!

I am very confused as this bike looks to be grey. I thought Trek went direct sales already. The 14 stumpy was a lethargic semi truck! I own one and it blows my mind every time I ride it no matter what it is, bike park or gravel double track.