I still had a little bit respect for Rima because she stood up for herself against Erika but like I said you jump someone I’m done with your ass. I dont think Erika is going to create drama tho. She said Rima brought it to her attention Is she just there to commentate? I love how Andrea came out [for round 2] asking for more and all 4 of them are just sitting there, yet when it comes to confessional time, they want her “to step up to them”. Gosh this show is getting more and more pathetic. How do it go?

Julie did jump her. I will live for a Julie and Falen ass beating. OMG the jumping this episode was just so sad to watch! I guess Andrea was looking for any reason even an imaginary one to pop off. I’m disgusted, truly disgusted. Once one side is too dominant it just goes downhill. It didn’t even phase her..

La La Land 6. Deilshows they’re all weak Andrea whooped that ass the only thing Ashley was doing was jumping around like a Walrus. The manager probably thought they’d wanna share the table too so he brought the PABs to Andrea’s table or something like that.

I can’t wait to hear how Christina, Erika and Mehgan feel about what these girls did to Andrea. If Julie had been alone, she wouldn’t have gone after Andrea. They are officially worse than the girls from last year. Because according to some of them, “karma episoxe only a bitch if you are a bitch”. Christina, Mehgan, and Andrea are the only real bad girls this season.

The Bad Girls Club – S 8 E 3 – Chicks Before Hicks

Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Zuly lost some points for not jumping in. After she leaves I wont watch the further eps until the other girls return. OMG the jumping this episode was just so sad to watch! Into The Blue 3. I hope they get booed and beaten seasoon the audience members at the reunion like Gia did.


Rima,Falen,Julie and Ashley disgust me. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Andrea stood up directly and jumped on Ashley like a monkey. She asked the manager for the bottle though, and I guess when the other ‘bad girls’ came he was like yeah I already had a bottle delivered for you guys assuming they’d share it.

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Available to Stream Watch on. It totally disgusted me how Rima as well as Ashley contributed to the jumping along with the bullying even with their previous experience.

They are weak bitches. And I believe Christina and Falen fight at the photo shoot.

9/17 Episode “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin” [Archive] – Reality TV Games

I am disgusted at this. Never has a episode EVER made me this angry. Didn’t she have tears though after Meghan beat her ass? They threw all of Andrea’s stuff in the ocean, threw hot sauce on her, and jumped her all at once. You’d think the producers would try to split up the clique.

Well Julie didn’t jump her though, she even said I’m not gonna jump you. Right but will she find him at the club? The twins team up with Erica in a scheme to force Jenna out of the mansion, thus precipitating a battle royal.


Did anybody else notice Falen saying “She’s crying! Or were those the lights shining down on the lumps on her face? I dont think Erika is going to create drama tho. These girls are so patehtic that for the first time ever I’m rooting for Erica to kick some ass.

At least Julie hasn’t been ho-ing around like Ashley and especially Rima. The producers should make it a rule that you can’t jump people. Guest Cast Daddy Yankee. I wish Zuly was awesome and took her side and showed how dominant she’d be. However, if that was a bottle for the “bad girls” then Andrea can’t say crap.

Married at First Sight. Delishowz which was it? Rima keeps looking like try hard on confessionals 5. If I were there I’d be booing all 4 of them but I suspect otherwise.

We all knew it was wrong before it even happened to anyone. Ashley should have got her harder that time tbh. I can easily say worst episode in BGC history. Throwing hot sauce into someone’s eyes and then jumping them 4-on I respect her “game” since its obvious episodf was game to her like Char did, except Julie outdid Char: How do it go? Season 8, Episode 3 Chicks Before Hicks. Ugh these girls are so dumb.

Once one side is too dominant it just goes downhill.