Rangeela, who loses himself in his work, is the creative mind of our film industry. Lahore , Punjab, Pakistan. Retrieved from ” https: Rangeela made his professional cinematic debut in a Punjabi film called ‘Jatti’, directed by M. Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration and expectation. Views Read Edit View history.

There is plenty of comic exuberance, but you never lose sight of authoritative direction, by Rangeela. Rangeela established his national reputation, and his fame skyrocketed and extended beyond his imagination, after the release of the four songs below: Reverting to his songs, all of his music is vivid and powerful, but what is most striking about it is its sense of sadness. From actor to director, and from writer to singer, Rangeela had proved resourceful, ingenious and pioneering. Though ‘Kubra Aashiq’ proved to be an unprecedented blow to Rangeela’s movie career, he did not lose heart. Retrieved 5 August Thus, Rangeela found his life’s calling-in the movies. Stars included Nisho- Aqil- Rangeela.

Hopes were accordingly high for his movies, and it is no mean accomplishment that he surpassed expectations with the theatrical release of the five films below: Rangeela possessed that un-expressible pathos in his voice that brought tears to the eyes of novie listeners.

All through those times, he has really gone to the depths for the moviegoers. GujranwalaBritish Rajnow Punjab, Pakistan.


Too bad, the movie meela as a recipe for disaster, and Rangeela was literally devastated. Rangeela earned the Nigar Award for best comedian in the film ‘Miss Colombo’ in Retrieved from ” https: Rangeela earned the Nigar Award for best story- writer, in the film ‘Sona chandi’ in The films ‘Jatt kurian tu darda’,’Jabru’,’Miss Singapore.


Thus, Rangeela successfully completed the ‘hat trick’ of his movies. Rangeela earned the Nigar Award for best director in the film ‘Sona chandi’ in Rangeela earned the Nigar Award for best comedian in the film ‘Naukar tay malik’ in According to a movie critic, the film left Rangeela a hunch back bhagia real life as well.

Stars included Ejaz- Naghma- Rangeela. All through those years, he worked relentlessly to make his music and movies leap to life. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Equally telling is the fact that Rangeela’s ability to get through the bone of what makes us tick as human beings and find humor in that relegated Rangeela to the topmost position in the Pakistani mmovie industry as a singer also. Rangeela’s greatness shines through in his well-directed movies, in which he acted as well, like the three below: Munawar Zarif was one of the novie famous comedians of south asia.

It is as difficult to measure Rangeela’s influence, as it is to count his hyphens.

Likewise, he emerged as a competent director in movies like the three below: He and his film crew made a concerted effort, which paid dividends. Rangeela’s romance with Munawwar Zareef in the film ‘Rangeela aur Munawwar Zareef’,is worth applauding. Special Awards from Nigar Awards. Director Khwaja Khursheed’s film ‘Humraaz’. Moreover, he continued to change, grow and fulfill his life. With six films below, he scored big at the Pakistani cinema: This body-builder- painter- actor- hero- comedian- producer- director- writer- singer- distributor- composer also happens to be the great communicator.

His patience was endless, and the joys were boundless. No sound is more sublime than the human voice. He continued to challenge himself in his later films, such as the six below: Gull films ‘Ehsaas’,and ‘Umrao jan ada’, The diamond jubilee film ‘Bobby’ Rangeela earned plaudits from his adorers for his third consecutive super hit film ‘Dil aur duniya’, October 1,director- producer- actor- singer, Rangeela. Yahan qadar kya dil ki hogi Ye duniya hai sheesha garoan ki.


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Rangeela appeared in four different characters in ‘Aurat Raj’. Those who have seen them could never forget innocence of those movies, reflecting the condition of the time. Few actors have experienced as much tragedy and heart- break as Rangeela in ‘Kubra Aashiq.

Rangeela established his national reputation, and his fame skyrocketed and extended beyond his imagination, after the release of the four mkvie below: Director Humayun Mirza’s film ‘Dil-e-bay taab.

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He appeared in more than films in just 16 years from — This article about a Pakistani actor or actress is a stub. He picked one success after another. According to a hharia news report, Rangeela’s daughter, Farah Deeba, said that he was recuperating.

He was a versatile [2] actor and comedian best known for his work in the Pakistani cinema of the s. Diya Aur Toofan film.

Recall the tremendous impact he made with songs like the three below: