The boy comes and rescues her by offering her a petty loan of Rs In a nutshell, this drama is quite watchable at the moment. Bheegi Palkein review , dillagi review , man mayal episode 19 review , Udaari review. My question is even if Hassan realizes his mistake, after all that has transpired, should Mehrbano forgive him and start over? What a night it turned out to be! Propriety is never put at stake in order to get the man, even if he is a man of large fortune like Mr Darcy! I applaud the writer Faiza Iftikar for creating strong women who make the viewers think out of the box and realize that women are a force to reckon with, despite being the weaker sex. She probably also realized that sending her parents back so soon was a very bad idea!

Episode 17 shows Mehrbano pleading her innocence with Hassan and he in-turn tries to find his way out of the confusing and hurtful turn of events. What a let down for him- certainly not his match, is she? Awareness and vigilance can play a key role in keeping children safe and this drama is a brave effort in achieving that end. Episode 3 saw the wedding preparations of Sajida in full swing. A change of scene may do her good. Views Read Edit View history.

At that time, Ishwar got a job in a private company. Pal,ein whizzed through the first five episodes of this drama last week and believe me, they were absolutely top notch!

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Todaywe are brave enough to address sensitive issues that were previously considered a no-go area. The rest of the episode dealt with the teething issues of Sheeda and Mira as they adjusted to their new and lavish surroundings where the bathrooms were big enough to be rooms dramaa the food was enough to feed an army.

So whatever is cooking will be my focus. One day, Ishwar rides the bike fast and has an accident with a truck. Meera asked her brother to arrange a meeting with Ilyas to find out what was going on. Any crimes against children tear the very fabric of our society, yet they are the least talked about.

She will throw a guy out of her house if he trespasses; slap a flirt in the library and control her life even when there are greater and more powerful forces at play in the form of Mohid. I mean after so many weeks of twists and turns lromo, the ending felt a bit flat.


Basically the overall film was shot in Odisha and some studios in Mumbai. This man is not black mailed by the ties of blood or society as every step taken is planned pal,ein a view to achieve his own selfish end. Meera kept holding onto the last fragments of hope until it was taken from her completely and she returned home in pieces.

It can pinch where it hurts. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For once a man is demonstrating the kind of devotion usually credited to a woman.

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First of all, I would like to believe that women even manipulative women would have some scruples in making a video of another woman in a compromising position. So, she gets late to go home and hospital. Raj Babbar Smita Patil. Aunty bheeti not that nice that her prayers should be answered in such a timely fashion! The second biggest plus point in this drama is the chemistry between the two leads whenever they are on screen together.

Clearly Sheeda has the wisdom acquired through years of experience and knows that his love will disappear like a puff of smoke when his mother gives him a good telling off. Zebo is delighted and as Imtiaz finishes his undertaking of fixing their roof, Zebo asks him if he will be her father.

The character of Meekail is flawed, but the acting of Gohar Rasheed certainly is not. The vision of the directer and the writer appears in sync ; Urwa looks very fetching in this drama and she along with Farhan Saeed are bheebi a very interesting dynamic on screen.

The reason why I enjoyed the latter does not warrant an explanation. Hope you enjoyed the drama overdose in this post and I will catch up with you all soon!

As a result, children are prematurely robbed of their childhood and forcefully exposed to the ugly face of reality. At the same time, it hits another nail on the head by exposing the deep-rooted disregard in our society for singing as a profession. My pdomo is even if Hassan realizes his mistake, after all that has transpired, should Mehrbano forgive him and start over?


His friends recommend Dr Raza from Karachi and he decides to take her. Between the two strong women Anmol and her mother-in-lawI prefer the latter. Sometimes children are not even safe at home. As I sign off, I hope you will share palkrin thoughts on the reviews and the events of this week.

Then, she says that a home was built with the understanding and feelings, which we don’t have anymore. Imran Ashraf is fantastic in this role.

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They wanted to get married. To read my detailed review on Mann Mayal Episode 14, I refer you to my blog post — Click on this link: The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for films. Bheegi Palkein reviewdillagi reviewman mayal episode 19 reviewUdaari review. So you are so jealous of me”. The writing by Faiza Iftikhar is gripping but the director has equally done justice to the great script.

Raat gai tu baat gai kya Mehrbano? My common sense says that too much has happened and the ship of the happy ending between Mehrbano and Hassan has sailed off the port. But Ishwar doesn’t like this. The next shot with Imtiaz revealing his true intentions under the low ceiling of the kitchen, was beautifully shot.

Farzana had an additional condition that until the final report is received regarding her daughter, the nikah should be delayed.

Another worthy mention this week is Mehmood Aslam in all his scenes.