And that’s the bomb Dec 1, 5. Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby Imma rape you first, drak. Two speaker output impedance selector button with two outputs emulation speakers or XLR jack. Jun 20, Messages: You can get this amp all the way down to 10 watts. With the fury of white man aids.

Do you already have an account? Racerfreed , Dec 1, To me this amp sounds just as I would want it to sound. Bare in mind it was being played loud in a live room with good mics into a high end analogue console with Trident style vintage eq and also a valve preamp into other outboard before hitting PTHD. What an absolute crock. Primarily focused on the Emporiums, we’d like input on your thoughts about TGP and how things work in the Emporiums for you and how you’d improve them. I’ve heard better tones from the HT series than the Series one.

Save your money and go smaller IMO.

I thought it was pony. You also have the famous and exclusive ISF control knob which give you even more control over the channels and top it all off with a speaker emulated output. Jun 20, Messages: Blackstae British made ones and overseas made ones. Our members also liked: I think the Series One’s are overpriced myself. By turning this knob you get a little crunch more or less compressed.

They also have a class A type mods for the clean channel. Which is a shame because I was hoping for big things with the watt one. Having taken a look at the Blackstar forum I definitely wouldn’t buy one. The OD1 offers a saturation in the British spirit although it may vary a little with the FSIwith a rather open grain, thick, fat, great in my opinion, forym race knob perfectly usable gain.


Nov 30, 1.

Series One EL34 – tried it out, NICE! – Official Blackstaramps Forum

So i guess their most expensive line which is quite cheap should sound great. Funny how you and Timmy bash black star amps on a regular basis We frequent the same studio often Neil and seeing as I record bands that use Blackstars blackstarr Tim tours or does shows with lots of bands that seem to be using them, I think we are allowed an opinion.

Absolutely crushing xeries and amazing cleans. You get a plexi clean tone which not one I would like to emulate, but they have it.

This amp has four channels and within those four channels eight different modes. Yes, my password is: We may regret that the effects loop is not detachable and can be assigned to a channel. So I have the EL34 version that sounds more Marshallian and less metal than typed version 6L6equalization is effective we can get clean enough or dug very medium but the sound is fairly neutral compared to a Fender. Wanting to join the rest of our members? I could not get a good esries out of it for love nor money.

Blackstar Series One 6L6 | Harmony Central

Also curious if anyone has tried their HT pedals? This amp has a power reducer called DPR which reduces the power to 10W. Was shooting out different amps on a reamping session last week, tried a blackstar 6l6, wasn’t too impressed to be honest, was alright, nothing special IMO, it’s quite versatile, has pretty good cleans, wasn’t a big fan of any of the distorted channels, but then again it probably just didn’t work for the specific material I was using it for.


You can get this amp all the way down to 10 watts. Would like to bump this topic. Login or Sign Up.

Blackstar series one-should I worry

Blacksta Series One 6L6 I’ve seen Opeth live in april, Akesson was using a and he had a great tone. The Venue series is perfectly priced, but the stock components are mediocre.

Super crunch is great for modern metal or whatever you want to throw at it. To add to their prestige they have included a whole line of distortion pedals as well. Other than that haven’t heard much on them. And that’s the bomb