It feels like beneath the surface there are a suspenseful and scary thriller. The story line is simple but effective, and the movie does not need any more complexity or double layers. A good side effect is later revealed as Monaghan is thrown around, falls down flights of stairs, has accidents and is repeatedly tortured; never developing bruises, Monaghan has apparently acquired some sort of invulnerability. But not this one all sacrificed to thriller. There is no tension at all in this movie and there isn’t even a moment of suspense. Sara Taylor is a photojournalist stationed in Afghanistan. The plot in general, however, is probable, although the flashbacks provide no additional value to the movie.

Goofs Despite during the film references to 29 diamonds and ‘where are the other 28’ at the end of the film when Sara is pouring the diamonds into the ice tray and spreading them out there are around 40 of them. Having returned to America, where her live-in boyfriend, Ryan, is desperate to marry her. We never know what connects the characters and places. Films directed by Joseph Ruben. BeneCumb 13 July A Lifetime TV movie, that’s what you get.

She keeps holding out. The cast didn’t feel inspired to be there, this was just a paycheck to them.

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We never know what connects the characters and places. Also, if she could hear the guy on filmm balcony at the end, why couldn’t she hear or smell or feel a guy standing a foot in front of her?

OJT 20 February The closest that they come to involving somebody else is the doorman, Antonio Phillip Jarrett of “Exit Wounds”who tries to rescue our heroine but winds up getting Chad’s knife in his guts. So even if the film looks like crap, at least you’re guaranteed some unintentional laughter.

Yadasampati 30 January This is very mediocre filmmaking, and has troubles in engaging me, mainly due to the script. Keatonn Download Audio Books.


Penthouse North

The director of this movie made the original Stepfather – which is among one of the great horror films of the 80s. Dirty Blihdsided Con Men Blake, Sara’s sister, comes over with her husband, Danny, for the party Sara was preparing for earlier. His Hollander is a royal prick, and oodles of fun to watch. I think I’d be willing keayon forgive them the idiocy of their characters if at least they were interesting, but we can only be so lucky right?

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Sara has been out, and it takes her a while after she returns home to stumble across the body, and the perpetrator Barry Sloane is still in the apartment. Ryan as Andrew Walker Kaniehtiio Horn Penthouse North is a thriller that has slipped under the radar because it wrongly has been branded as unoriginal and generic. Or say it was their movie. Chad discovers the diamonds hidden within the ice cubes and hides them away before offering Hollander his drink. She tries to reason with Chad, then turns her attentions to Hollander, desperate to end the torment.

Don’t have an account? Jan watched when first aired on TV. The real reason to watch this though is to see Keaton as a bad guy. Despite the fact that the guy is super close to her, she’s somehow not able to pick up on the scent. She learns that Ryan stole millions from Hollander and Chad, and they bljndsided to find his cache of bills and diamonds. It seems her boyfriend wasn’t as nice as she thought.

I think her character is blihdsided after the tension of the thriller.

Michael Keaton is always good in these kind of roles. Boat Passenger Jeff Redlick You might like this movie if you enjoyed: Sara claims Ryan only told her that he was an investor and never told her where anything of value hlindsided hidden in the penthouse, but Chad and Hollander don’t believe her. Attending Nurse Jeffrey T Ferguson Spanish theatrical release poster.


Sara is shocked by the revelation keatoon Ryan is not the man he made himself out to be.

And even though Michael Keaton never feels truly threatening his screen-presence speaks for itself and makes it work somehow, it helps that Monaghan portrays her characters fear very well. First things first, and this is the most egregious of these examples, is the fact that Chad, knowing that he needs Ryan alive in order to find out where the diamond and the money is, goes ahead and kills the fucker.

On top of that we have some decent to good acting. Eventually, Sara’s pregnant sister and her NYPD husband show up at the apartment, and Sara manages to send them packing, primarily because her sister’s water breaks and her husband has to rush her to hospital. Full Cast and Crew. It’s all too ,eaton.

You also know what the end of the film is going to be. Everything is pretty much just unremarkable. Ruben teamed up with the screenwriter he worked with in Money Train, David Loughery, and if you thought the action in that movie was laughable just wait until you see Penthouse North. In a way that is going against the norm. More Top Movies Trailers. And there is enough suspense to make it exciting all the way through. Edit Did You Know?

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Okay, spoiler alert, the cat survives a fifteen-story plunge, and it emerges at the end. If she didn’t suffer from it, she would have been by the time the action in this film finished.

She lives in an expensive Penthouse with a rich boyfriend Andrew Walker.