Starry Sleeperstar 12 11 So I am currently thrashing some music I just got from a band called Sleeperstar. What a way to start or end, depending on how you look at it. This page was last edited on 22 February , at He then finds a bottle of Elena’s old painkillers and takes them. The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody”. The episode ends with real Elena coming back home talking with Stefan on the phone and telling him that someone took her clothes from her locker.

She tries to talk to him but Jeremy tells her to go to hell, something that Damon catches from afar. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Pbjm00se’s Blog Random ramblings to break up the day. Everybody gets ready for the Founder’s Day parade and gets dressed up in period outfits, including Elena Nina Dobrev , something that makes her look like Katherine even more. I thought that nothing could get better than the porch scene at the finale of season 1. Producers had promised us a bunch of cliffhangers and they delivered.

So I am currently thrashing some music I just got from a band called Sleeperstar.

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It originally aired on May 13, This site uses cookies. So the story statelese be a little predictable and some of the dialogue cheesy etc. For other uses, see Founder’s Day. They started out as a trilogy and then he later wrote a spin-off series with Damon as the main character.

Top 15 Best Songs Featured on The Vampire Diaries

I love you, Elena. Meanwhile, Damon thanks Bonnie Kat Graham for removing the spell from the Gilbert device that could have killed him. Damon Ian Somerhalder tells Stefan Paul Wesley that he does not need to worry since he will not steal his girlfriend. It also consists the last episode of the season.


I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it. He knows that Jeremy must be in pain and he offers to bloidstream the pain away like he did before but this time it will be his choice.

At the same time, Mrs. But that all changed with the thrust of Katherine’s knife.

Elena tells him that as her father should care about the people she loves and cares about, something that surprises John. The spell calms the fire long enough for Stefan to get to Damon and help him get out. Anyway B kept insisting that I would like it. Retrieved from ” https: John is in the kitchen when Elena shows up.

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I vampide a weakness with bad boy characters. I watched him in Young Americans, loved him then, next Lost as Boone. The author LJ Smith started writing the series back in Stefan interferes, apologizing to Jeremy for everything that bloodsteram, but Jeremy still does not feel like forgiving Elena. So a couple of days later i hit youtube and watched as much as I could. Their song Bloodatream Was Wrong was featured in Vampire Diaries last episode and it was because of this amazing song I had a listen.

Vampires can turn off their humanity and that makes life easier but not better. But this is a whole new level. So go forth and get your ears into this awesome music. She tries to talk to him but Jeremy tells her to go to hell, something that Damon catches from afar. They end up kissing when Jenna Sara Canning opens the door and sees them.

Matt and Caroline interfere taking Tyler’s side and the Mayor, calmer, politely asks Tyler to blodstream home and take his friends with him, handing him over his car keys. Seriously, I am team Delena all the way, hard to have missed I know, but I need that girl to wake up and smell the blood!


So back to the important part. I mean come diqries this guy is going to live forever. The big ticket items this week are Elena finding out who her father really is, Bonnie admitting that she did not remove the power of Johnathan Gilbert’s device, and Damon’s newfound humanity. He knocks her out and handcuffs her to the ventilation pipes while at the same time, the tomb vampires plan their attack when Anna shows up.

This was an episode that gave a lot to fans, a tense piece of storytelling that offered plenty of hints and foreshadowing and delivered on clues dropped throughout the season. Elena attempts to follow Stefan and John stops her. John dares Stefan to try and save his brother since he statelless certain that he will not make it out alive. Tyler hears the noise and loses control of the car, which crashes into a gate.

Shaun Menary drums and Brandon Rosas bass. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vampire Diaries Season 2 poster 2. He then finds a bottle of Elena’s old painkillers and takes them. I love how Nina Dobrev is both Catherine and Elena. So we were at a friends house who happened to have nearly the whole season.

The amazing song used is Bloodstream by Stateless, which hit my ipod minutes after I watched the scene. Awards and nominations Novel series L.