They glance at each other, and their thoughts are cut off from me. I mentally cheer when my voice comes out steady and strong. I just get up and breathe. I can defiantly see the excitement in Chase’s eyes when I take a bite out of a taco or when I take a bite of pepperoni pizza. I place the last French fry from my place and pop it into my mouth and automatically chew and swallow, clear my throat gently and walk to the kitchen sink, my back turned to Donald and Tasha and Leo. Fight until you drop. I just push that all away and wrap myself up in my now-bearable blanket of sadness and pain.

I don’t enjoy anything anymore. Adam, Bree, and Chase tell me otherwise. Story Story Writer Forum Community. That’s the only time where I feel like I am back to the girl I was before I got turned into a weapon. I force myself to eat to make the people that I love and the people who love me back happy. That was flawed, even though he said it was flawless. I’m a dangerous weapon, and that they’ve decided that I’ve had enough torture. Here are some examples of when the FBI agents called me by my dreaded nickname and the name that haunts me in my sleep, weapon:

My torture- both verbal and physical- kept going for three months, constantly, until Adam, Bree and Chase finally found me, lying on the cell’s cement ground in the Facility that isn’t even supposed to exist, that half of the United States Government don’t even know- much less think- about, bleeding out from the abuse those FBI agents gave me not long ago before Adam, Bree and Chase showed up.

I only reply with a “it went okay. Is that who I was in their eyes?


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I shake my head, pushing my hair out of my face and tucking a loose strand behind my ear before blinking up at my boyfriend, whose hazel eyes are staring intently into my sky blue eyes. Some days I’m better, even if it’s just for a little while, but then I remember what tears me apart, what made me into a weapon, and then just like that I’m right back to where I started before.

For three months of my life, the FBI agents tortured me, kept me isolated in a cell in a remote facility in the state of Vermont for three months of my life- for three months of Hell. I’m slowly getting back to the girl I was before the FBI took me away. Is that what I am? I swirl my straw in my glass of ice water lazily, and I stare at the glass kitchen table.

They either stopped thinking about the thoughts they just had or they are silently arguing their their eyes with each other.

I can see the way Bree breathes out in relief when I take even the tiniest bite out of a hot dog or a meatball sub. I have nightmares every night or almost every night of the Hell I was out through in those three long months.

I became depressed because of the memories of my own personal Hell. What is it like?

I am losing myself, and I don’t know how to pick myself up off the ground. Are there any Chia shippers who are reading this story? We had a late dinner tonight, but that’s okay. Davenport and Adam, Bree and Chase.

Bradam: The Movie // AU Trailer

Davenport back then, at least, he didn’t know how large Mr. Sure, I’m bionic, one of the most powerful bionics in the world, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not perfect, that I am flawed, that I can never be fixed. Okay, so who wants to do this disclaimer for me?


Let’s just say that she only owns Bree Comenzo. I think that everyone in my family saw that immediately. When I came back home after being so very alone for three months of my life, I wasn’t the same.

I speak up after a few seconds of silence.

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You did a good job, Bree. He moves over to my bedside and I hear him chuckle softly.

I keep my emotions locked away and bottled up inside me, like I have been doing for the past few weeks. I like how this story is a Subject Mia story this time, too!

I am on my Ipad, after all, so there isn’t exactly a good spell checking tool fill at the tips of my fingers like there usually is on a computer or a laptop…. You do know that, right, guys?

Weather it’s from him thinking that I was asleep when I actually wasn’t, or when I smiled up at him, even if it is the bradaam of smiles. No one questions this. But now you know why this isn’t a story that was placed on my profile. They glance at each other, and their thoughts are cut off from me.