Fronsac agrees to return. To this day, no one is entirely sure what it was, a wolf? Do you like the material? The hunt for a killer has begun. The usage of various cinematographic techniques employed by Christoph Gans, the fight sequences, the atmosphere and particularly the performance of Marc Dacascos as the native-American Mani attracted particularly strong praise. Jean Chastel Virginie Darmon Frequently Asked Questions Q: She then poisons Fronsac, saying he knows too much.

Sylvia visits him in jail and reveals that she is a spy for the Vatican. Based on the true story of the Beast of the Gevaudan that terrorized France in the eighteenth century, the movie aims to tell first and explain afterwards. On Disc at Amazon. The year is Fronsac arrives at the De Morangias’ castle to see Marianne one last time before returning to Paris. The monster attacked women and children for several months, and none of the survivors could harm it, nor even properly discern it. In 18th century France, the Chevalier de Fronsac and his native American friend Mani are sent by the King to the Gevaudan province to investigate the killings of hundreds by a mysterious beast. La Bavarde Vincent Cespedes

She then poisons Fronsac, saying he knows too much. Brotherhood of the Wolf 7. The blend of various movie genres such as martial arts, mystery, costume drama and horror attracted certain amounts of criticism.

Sardis watches Sylvia suspiciously as she leaves. Right after Fronsac has constructed the fake beast for De Bauternes, he goes to the brothel, gets drunk and confesses to Sylvia that the beast caught by De Bauternes is a fake. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties?

Audible Download Audio Books. Fronsac is also intrigued by Sylvia, an Italian courtesan at the local brothel. During the French RevolutionMarquis d’Apcher writes his memoirs in his castle. They threw everything in the pot on this one — oversized mysterious woman-eating beast, Machiavellian court intrigue, religious espionage, hot enigmatic gypsies and even hotter enigmatic Italian prostitutes, a rakish knight accompanied by a jujitsu-master “Peau-Rouge” it appears, in fact, that martial arts instruction for both sexes was de rigueur in 18th-century provincial Francelife-saving potions, conspiracy paranoia, incest, racial intolerance, amputees, bizarre weaponry, several cans of Whup-Ass, and a little French revolution tossed in for seasoning.


Outnumbered, Mani is shot and killed. D’Apacher cannot find anyone to go on the hunt with him and he wants to try to hunt this time using Mani’s methods. Retrieved 23 August Fronsac and Marquis go to the beast’s lair, where it lays severely wounded. Maybe you will be interested?

Share this Rating Title: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Sylvia’s agents exhume Fronsac, who had not been killed but merely put into a temporary comaand he appears at one of the Brotherhood’s sermons. After the second girl is killed down in the pit there is a scene inside the Church where Sylvia kneels down next to Marianne as she prays.

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Jean-Francois turns up and tells the guards and his mother to let Fronsac in. Brotherhood of the Wolf The Pact of the Wolves. US theatrical release poster. A traumatized child witness swears that the beast is controlled by what seems to be a human master.

bratsvo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do you like the material? The Brotherhood of the Wolf, which is working to undermine public confidence in the king and ultimately take over the country. The guards tell him he volkx no longer welcome on orders of the Countess and that Marianne is sick. In particular, Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote “This new take on horror is more of the bloody same” [15] whereas Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post said that it is “a mad agglomeration of styles and traditions that ultimately results in nothing so much as a mad agglomeration of styles and traditions”, ultimately awarding the film a 0.

As the investigation proves unfruitful, the king’s weapons master, Lord de Beauternearrives to put an end to the beast. Keep bratatvo of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Bratstvo volka 2001 XviD HDRip.

Brotherhood of the Wolf French: Your license is inactive or expired, please subscribe again! What is the story behind the laundry from Quebec?

Mani sets off alone in pursuit, where he finds a catacomb used as the beast’s holding pen, inhabited by the Brotherhood. Marquis finishes writing his account, just before he is led to his execution by a revolutionary mob. British Board of Film Classification. Ain’t It Cool News, Inc. See the full gallery. Fronsac, Mani, and a young Marquis set out into the forest and set up an array of traps to capture the beast; it is severely injured but escapes.

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Sign in through the social network. Fronsac arrives at the De Morangias’ castle to see Marianne one last time before returning to Paris. Jean-Francois leads bolka into the great hall where Marianne waits. Ain’t It Cool News.

Connections Referenced in Doctor Who Confidential: The special effects for the creature are a combination of computer generated imageryas well as puppetry and animatronics designed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Archived from the original on 16 April In something was stalking the mountains of central France. Retrieved 1 February The year is Use the Vklka below. In the first part, a special envoy of the King of France, altogether biologist, explorer and philosopher, arrives in the Gevaudan region, in the mountainous central part of France.

Retrieved from ” https: The film also collected the largest cash in theaters, leaving behind the films of the recognized “French Jim Cameron” – Luc Besson.

The usage of various cinematographic techniques vllka by Christoph Gans, the fight sequences, the atmosphere and particularly the performance of Marc Dacascos as the native-American Mani attracted particularly strong praise.