It is an alright blender, well built pretty good power. Vary sparing use for mixtures such as milk shakes, breadcrumbs, dips and similar. Made in China Another one of those lovely looking but poorly designed products. We make smoothies, milkshakes, slushies etc. Also, smoothies with anything rougher than strawberries and mango leaves lumps in the final smoothie. Although it would be a bit noisy, every blender is.

The timer is also a great function as it will automatically stop after seconds, so you don’t have to stand there. I mostly use it for smoothies and acai bowls. I have been highly satisfied with this blender. This blender is perfect fit with your other stainless steel appliances. It stains the benches and is very hard to remove. Somehow, the juice leaked through the bottom and it got a bit messy.

Overall, this is a great blender for making drinks or soups for sure.

Its sturdy and when its on the table it doesn’t shake or anything. It makes fruit smoothies beautifully. Does it blend everything?. I primarily use this product to make smoothies, in saying that this blender is smooth. It just seems to get to a point where it can’t make it any smoother. Standard domestic shipping service takes from days. With the Smoothie button, it preforms with excellence. Date Purchased Sep I don’t sie if this is because I use the device pretty intensely and in doing so have softened the lid or if it’s just being subjected to immense pressures inside the machine, but I made the mistake of walking off for 30 seconds once; haven’t done that again.


I’m sure they thought it was genius when they designed it. My sister wants a cranberry red one, conhrol she cannot find it in stores any more. Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to your doorstep.

The good point is when working, no matter how loud it is, it wouldn’t move or shake. Listing monitored by Breville representatives. Note that most reviews give this product average rating which is below rating than most of other slightly cheaper blenders but I still decided to buy this as I dis Breville.

As a matter of fact, yes I do. Makes a mean smoothie Was purchased for me as a gift 6 months ago. I also regularly blend a range of ingredients to make baby food both fruit and vegetables and it has no trouble. This is an excellent blender. The jug is easy to disassemble and clean. We purchased Breille Blender instill going strong with no breakdowns, no weird noises or no shoddy controls after so many years. Design, Performance, Ease of use Cotrol to date. Unfortunately, I do not recommend this product.

The single speed however had me a bit miffed I have to admit.

the Kinetix Control

Does the job This blender does the job. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.


I purchased the BBL blender as a gift and it is now out of warranty. I primarily use this product to make smoothies, in saying that this blender is smooth.

Does it blend veges? Easy Clean Design It has a one-piece removable blade and curve jug edges making cleaning more convenient every after use.


After 12 months the seal of the blade assembly brakes and just leaks everywhere. Contacted the store straight away as I bought this product from their recommendation. A fair bit of blokey analysing things to the nth degree, I decided on a Breville Professional series – with it’s w motor. The finer you need anything the longer you run it for. So Fie would recommend looking at the Breville Kinetix Control over the Pro, as it has more functionality.

Solid, but not a great choice I have several Breville products and even plan others in future purchases, but this product is actually a let down.

Was purchased for me as a gift 6 months ago.