How did all those girls manage to stay conscious? June 8, at 9: Only Joo Won can do that. He decided to continue and take on his older brother’s mission by becoming the bridal mask to seek vengeance for his dad, his mum, his brother and to help the poor people of Korea fight off the Japanese. K smiles and waves back at KS. He was ambitious and wanted to move up the ranks of the Japanese police force even though many people have labelled him a traitor. Song Ok Sook Supporting Cast.

Man can be so capable of beautiful and wonderous things and at the same fully capable of ugliness and terror. He is seriously going to have a lot to make up to her by the time their love line comes around. The whole drama revolves around him living a double life as the Japanese police officer and as bridal mask helping Korean freedom fighters fight off the Japanese, fight off Kishokai, and to kick them out off Korea; to become independent. I will be the pole instead. Man feel traumatized through the 2nd half half of the episode. S remembers how D asked how could you be friends with K. For a spy who is supposed to kill K, so far I like her character too cuz she seems to care about others. Or maybe he had psychotic tendencies?

The character herself is intriguing. June 9, at 1: Would I betray my countrymen and conscience birdal my family? He desperately and ruthlessly wanted to capture bridal mask, a masked hero who defends and helps the Korean people, but puts the Japanese police force to shame.

Bridal Mask E4

Tell me if people hit you. You have to eat and then go. K shows up and drinks his beer. Now, you just planted a new image in my mind which is like some fertile soil where things grow hugely wild.


K remembers how dramarazy hit D and abused her all this time.

Bridal Mask

Then I may have learnt a thing or two about how to fast forward to Wednesday! So D is a better choice. As Dramacrzy walks away to go to work, KS calls out to K: Bridal drxmacrazy turned out to be his older brother. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. I just hope that he keep chosing his drama wisely and not too worry about the rating things. He says just stay alive and I will be sure to find you. SS dear, i now fully understand why those actors refused this character as K.

Baek says unless K gives up on catching gaksital, they will run into each other.

For a spy who is supposed to kill K, so far I like her character too cuz she seems to care about others. Curious what she thinks of this new couple compared to TaeJa.

He startles song who asks what brings him here. Han Chae Ah Main Cast. What do I do. K laughs like a crazy person. Anyone who hates our Kangto? He told me always to have it. Park Bo Gum Supporting Cast. Hi Softy and Tiya, I think I have tunnel vision.

Set in the s in Seoul, Korea, when the Japanese had invaded and taken episod of that part of Korea, Lee Kang To was working for dramacrazg Japanese police force.

And this time, quite dramafrazy few are adults with stories from childhood. He chases after her and turns a corner and faces a crowd of performers with masks on. You are commenting using your Twitter account. For those decrying the brutality of K, perhaps it was reality of the policemen of those days.

One of the best Korean dramas I have seen. I consider myself pretty devoted to JW, but nask girl will always beat me. K smiles and waves back at KS As K leaves, some masked figure throws a dart or arrow at his face but it misses. She stands and asks if he is kimura taro and slaps him.


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I cant do that to my mom. Latest MV by Svetik.

Every episode ended in a cliff hanger which made it very exciting waiting for the next 2 episodes to air. This show is subbed so fast that I heard viki has it like by midnight and i just watched it cramacrazy dramacrazy.

I still have to kill her. Maybe something gonna happen to Mum.

I only know American history well and hardly know anything about Korean history other than what I learned from dramas.

K episoee holding on to him crying. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is. June 11, at 8: I still want to watch it.

It looks so uncomfortable as the weather turns hotter. Loved the mmask, loved the martial arts and all the characters. Go In Bum Supporting Cast. His mom tells them to run away. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Kenji opens her suitcase and dumps the contents.

Korean Drama Addiction: Bridal Mask (Gaksital)

The first drama I’ve ever seen with Joo Won, and I have to say he is a very talented young actor. This site uses cookies. He trips and falls.