All film and the kiosk are Could be why even a new friend I have is doing his own C We were the only place in the Minneapolis-St. Good luck to everyone in finding a workflow in their area. It’s great to see you back on the forum! Back to wet plates, anyone? On the other hand, a kid at my local Target lost a roll of my negs once but then went to all the trouble of tracking them down and having them mailed from another state to get them back to me.

Walgreen film same as Fujifilm film? Here in my city of about , pop. IF you shoot C, then cultivate a relationship with a professional lab. Same goes for Film developers. Look at it this way: ErikPre 6 years ago. I think a few Rite Aids, Walgreens, and CVS in my area still process film but I’d rather take my chances with a Tetenal kit than I would risk ruining film with a machine that probably hasn’t been properly maintained for 5 years.

Felip1 6 years ago. The lab I worked at just shut down last week.

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That is why I gave up working and now just do photography and home chemistry for fun. List a New Item. What is the title of this Flickr community? There are good people willing to do good work where ever you go just as much as there are unhappy people who don’t feel capable or willing to do good work.

It’s cheaper there anyway. Ten years ago, their fil was developing film for rank amateurs who don’t know good prints from bad ones.


One could go on about landscape shooters doing large format for which there really is no digital replacement yet or other types of specialty photography.

All times are GMT Los Angeles still has waltreens pro-labs that I’ve yet to hear anything about their closings. TheCincyKid 6 years ago.

Stop bath and fix about the same. Make mistakes, It’s o. Not sure about that. You can send your film from Nebraska to LA and maintain some kind of personal relationship with the lab tech wqlgreens email, and that’s definitely better than sending it to Wal Mart, who are just going to give you shitty customer service and steal money from the labs they are slowly bleeding dry.

Edited by inetjoker member 6 years ago. I have a photo enlarger in my basement but it’s just hard for me to set up a darkroom due to the limited space of my house NyYankee 6 years ago.

I have never found a shortage of film, chemistry, 35mm film cameras, etc.

Look at it this way: I think that a diversity of approaches is important to keeping film going. I quit when I figured out that I need to teach myself more.

As soon as I can, I’ll be developing and scanning my film at home, and reserving time in a shared procesxing to make my own prints. Some of the older Targets and Walmarts here still have film development, but newer ones only do send-out service. My home darkroom of 30 years does not have heat it’s provided by a small space heater nor a drain 5-gal. Costco still develops film here, which is where I go if I want to do a quick roll and I don’t care too much if something happens to it ie, it’s not something super special or unique.


There are still a few places that do all three, but the film industry is in its death spiral. pdocessing

Sometimes it’s nice to deal with a “tech” who is not seasoned processung opinionated and has an attitude as I’ve found at multiple professional labs.

It’s sad to see film fading away. Walgreen film same as Fujifilm film? The time now is All of those companies are going to do it until they are losing money and then cut it.

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Just going to one type of lab or another does not necessarily guarantee anything from my experience. On the other hand, a kid at my local Target lost a roll of my negs once but then went to all the trouble of tracking them down and having them mailed from another state to get them back to me. Originally posted by Professor Batty. Save Cancel Drag to set position!

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However, they will do wider film, so all my C41 and goes to them. Wal-Mart raised their prices on me. I’m afraid I’ve become x41 Dr.