It’d be nice if the girl dies, as a demonstration of ruthlessness. Breakers are really appearing too soon. In japan they don’t have plurals so the plural of Anime is Anime. RageGaming Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. Outside of Ogami there isn’t a single one of them who have any possibility of serious feelings for Sakura, not to mention Rui is a girl so not all the Code Breakers are guys. Just came back to recommend it.

Though their server seems to be down or something They cut away some scenes that although nice in the manga actually fit Sakura’s personality more in the anime. Unfortunately, the information page, and the rules of anime, says otherwise. Seems they cut corners by making a minor character such as Tsubomi merely a background character. I know she better not change Rei Oogami personality. Love is a song. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Breakers, especially Toki and Yuuki.

That’s where Rei really grows as a character. Really good, But, The manga was so campioen more and epic. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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Is this speculation based on the first episode, or have you read the manga or have sufficient information? And Sakura’s VA is very recognizable as well.

I can’t wait to see more!!!!! It kinda reminds me of Eri from School Rumble.

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With preachy girl being the main character. BBCode Love is a song. Can’t wait for more episodes! D Vampione opening and ending were great too! D Cant wait to see the other characters in action. If I remember correctly the story is good but it gets really confusing at times because a lot of characters do show up. I can’t wait for them to introduce all the other Code: Interesting seems to be more dudes than girls though.


Breaker Episode 1 Discuss Violence and gentle indeed. I ended it i just realize that this show didn’t actually ended they just stop doing this in the middle now there is only manga Help Me Senpai.

So I’m back here again.

Looking good so far Code: Animes is not the plural of Anime. Great opener which stayed faithful to the wnilinkz, tho the first half was dragged out a bit.

Breakers, especially Toki and Yuuki. Anyway a good start for this czmpione. Please tell me school days is on this list as a joke, it is seriously one of the worst anime ever. Fluke Zobacz profil Zobacz posty.

Code:Breaker Episode 1 Discussion

Really liked the animation though, particularly of the flames, Episodr however did look a little weird as compared to the manga. Especially Yuuki with his “nyanpire” obsession. Also Ogami snapping DOG’s neck didn’t sound like a snap at all. Seems they cut corners by making a minor character such as Tsubomi merely a background character.

An anime you guys should know to avoid it is Boku No Pico Also Ogami’s VA did an awesome job, Accelerator ftw XD The only down point really in this first episode is the censorship which was a bit annoying to say the least. I hate characters like her act so high and mightly. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. A lot of people don’t know this for some reason elisode. As mentioned by others, the censorship is a tad annoying, but I still loved ahilinkz first episode!


Anyways, this series is pretty good epieode far and I enjoyed it especially with the little interactions between Rei and Sakura at school. AlolanGengar Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. Yes, another good looking Fall anime series. I had hoped they would have stuck with the manga art for the girls – they seem too sparkly now.

B manga style is better: The sensorship annoyed me, but other than that I thought it was really great and funny. I just know i hate Sakura i hope she dies but hell on the main page on MAL you can tell she doesnt she is a main character.