Their victims spirits remain trapped in the house in a death echo, reliving their deaths in a loop. The Ghostfacers search the house with their instruments, taking readings and run into Sam and Dean impersonating cops. Sam and Dean try to get them out of the house by showing them the missing persons reports, but Team 2 records a ghost reliving his horrible death. Sam wants to come along, so the boys head to Washington. He appears in 3. A frantic Sam works to pick the lock of his handcuffs so that he can save Dean.

Buckley posted on his Twitter account a link to the full video, including an intro and outro filmed during the Hell Hounds Con. Harry and Ed discuss their relationship, and Sam and Dean watch as the Ghostfacers break up over a situation that mirrors their own. The others meanwhile put themselves in a salt circle and see the ghost of Corbett reliving his death. In the haunted night, looking for the fight of our life with the after-life! Harry leaves with the Boys as Ed sadly watches them. Every leap year, beginning at midnight, a ghost who used to be a janitor at a local hospital kills people and keeps their corpses at the Morton House for company.

Then, Harry and Ed decide they will work together to fix the mess that Ed has created so they follow Sam and Dean. The ghost, Daggett, holds a birthday party in the house with three dead bodies he had stolen from the morgue before his death along with Corbett and Sam.

It’s obvious that Sam and Dean can relate, but they say nothing. Retrieved from ” http: They continue to discuss Harry’s ex-girlfriend. Dean comes in and says they have a lead on the tire tracks so Sam and Dean leave. Meanwhile, Ed and Harry return to Casey’s bedroom to record some footage for their fans.

The Ghostfacers Meet Castiel

Harry was becoming wrapped up with his new girlfriend so Ed made up Thinman to keep Harry in the game. When they return to where Sam and Dean were cuffed, they see that Sam and Dean have escaped.

When you trip and fall, into the super-natur-all We’re who you’re gonna call, cause we face them all! At the motel, Sam and Dean mefts tossing around ideas and discussing the case. After a large EMF surge Sam mysteriously vanishes. In the beginning of the episode, the couple killed in the inn mentioned the Ghostfacers, about how they can’t “capture the ‘rage vibes’,” suggesting Ed and Harry are back to working together after their break-up in 9.


A frantic Sam works to pick the lock csstiel his handcuffs so that he can save Dean. A frustrated Ed says they should bail on the case, but Harry insists they need to find Thinman to make all the haters eat their words.

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However, before any slicing occurs, a noise distracts Norwood and Roger who go to investigate. Everyone minus Corbett leaves alive the next morning, taking Ed and Harry back to the fireplace to lament over the loss of their friend in a completely exploitative way, even showing the typical reality confessional moment.

Sam arrives and talks to Harry about secrets and whether they are forgivable. They show their pilot to Sam and Dean, who warn them that revealing such ghostly secrets meetw land them in straitjackets or gets them a punch in the face or both.

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Dean figures out that a survivalist usually keeps a bomb shelter and heads for the basement, but the basement door locks behind him, separating him and Spruce from the others. The Ghostfacers, Harry and Ed, are sitting in a diner, and Harry is obsessing about his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page when Sam and Dean sit rpisode with them.

Sam is doing research in the library when Dean comes in and tells Sam that he will be back. Sam and Dean try to get them out of the house by showing them the missing persons reports, but Team 2 records a ghost reliving his horrible death.

Ed talks to Corbett to get him out of his death echo and manages to get through just in time for Corbett to take on Daggett, who is tossing around Sam, Dean and Spruce in the basement. Dean captures Roger and coldly kills him. Sam wants to come along, so the boys head to Washington.


Harry says he can’t trust Ed, and Ed leaves. That night, at the diner, the manager is going through receipts when a mysterious figure comes up behind him and slits his throat. Kenneth Warren Spruce is a cameraman with ghostgacers Ghostfacers team. Harry wants to search the woods for Thinman, but Ed isn’t so sure. The Ghostfacers is run out of Ed’s parents’ garage. Sam and Dean go but leave a bag behind, and Ed pulls out ghosyfacers large electromagnet, which erases all the hard drives including the Ghostfacers pilot.


The boys return to the motel to research, and Sam checks the Ghostfacers website where they discover the Ghostfacers latest obsession: Dean and Sam share a moment before the tension returns and Harry interrupts. At a warehouse, the boys meet Deputy Norwood who then tasers them from behind and ties them up. Dean confronts Ed and Harry, about Thinman and possibility they created another Tulpa. When Sam questions him about his leaving, Dean says he found a case, but he wasn’t going to take Sam because he doesn’t know what Sam wants.

Since the ghost hides the bodies of his victims, all the deaths were reported as missing persons cases. Personal tools Log in. He suggests that Sam and Dean should take over because two people are dead.

Maggie Zeddmore is the adopted sister of Ed Zeddmore and a researcher with the Ghostfacers team who appears in 3. He appears in 3. In the haunted night, looking for the ghostfacets of our life with the after-life! Sam insists that Ed tell Harry the truth because secrets ruin relationships. Dean brings up how when, as kids, they pretended ghostfacres be Superman and Batman. They wonder how the photo ended up online, so they head to the police station to gather more information.

Daggett slides mfets sharp metal spike through Corbett’s neck ghostfcers him, and trapping his spirit in a death echo. A teenage girl, Casey Miles, is taking selfies in her bedroom when she notices a mysterious figure in the background.

Sam believes this is something that Harry needs to decide for himself. Corbett deceased Ambyr former intern. They see Sam and Dean roll by scoping out the place.

The Ghostfacers was the name adopted by Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore for their reality TV series pilot about a group of paranormal investigators.