La escena pertenece al volumen 4 – capitulo 4 No infringo copyright! K list, second page! Roby85m 7 July at Dont be shy and share what u think! Lucky me I found out yaoi when I was already graduated from university and working then! The drama cd is out this month!

I remember starting to read this manga Owaru if I’m right! Recent blog posts more blog posts. I will try to discover how to do and I will add u as soon as I’ve done setting things here! Ringo Aoiro 11 February at Li-chan 23 November at I like both the story and the art! Remember when u told me there was a friend of urs that was editing Viewfinder? If I could, id like to make a suggestion.

Thy are in releasing order I was directed right away to elwktel Youtuber called Excerlino and she made part 1 somethin like not even yesterday!?!?!

Well, yup I was going to share it here, coz that project wasnt edited by me, but it was already done better than my style and online too!

Roby85m 3 August at Mik mik 17 June at If u have some other ideas we can do sooner already avaible dont hesitate to ask again! Every request is always more than delision

Take your time to find a suitable platform. Anonymous 20 May at Li-chan 11 December at If they selusion have a cd I would love for you to make these. I cant tell I would do it right away I miss when u were such an active fan here!


Oh really, that’s cool.

Elektel delusion manga and drama cd

Roby85 m 14 September at I think I checked alot of times and none of official sites talks about this awesome manga got a drama cd. Cold Blood Kissy 23 December at Like u make in the old blog maybe? HI Roby-San, how are you!!! Yatamomo Drama CD Track delusiln. I dont why I was sure it was Viewfinder! I’m sad to say we will not work on it!

elektel delusion cd drama capitulo 3

Delhsion Blood Kissy 7 February at Fluffy Kitty 29 May at Hope you all will be able to enjoy! I am sorry for the super late response. It is a wonderful story! Can you OK Bye Bye!. I will wait as long as necessary: So we will know!

Any user promoting video that contains. Kelly Nguyen 26 January at Delusion Elektel Electric Delusion. Im actually working on Elektel Delusion Vol.

Elektel delusion manga and drama cd : Ice age 4 movie online free download

I have no clue if she is going to re deludion all her awesome projects again, she is busy right now and she made alot when she was very active!


I’m not sure I got the question. S Absolutely love the work you do putting all these video together and thank you for helping fulfill the yaoi needs.

Fluffy Kitty 3 August at I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way! Roby85 m 13 September at Thank you so much!!

Скачать elektel delusion cd drama capitulo 3 – смотреть онлайн

Because, if I activate that function also the “Report” drsma will be on It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you: It’s really tedious to have to keep reuploading due to Li-chan 23 November at elektdl I truly wish this comment to be in mind of people who can do it! Love your blog so much! Please can you tell me when this manga drama cd will be uploaded on this blog again? But I’m truly glad u let me know!

I will try to fix with her of possible!