Sheh Aur Maat21st June , Chal Maai is incapitated, as Ija disrupts Maai’s performing black magic ritual, which in turn backfires against Maai. Aditi then starts planning how she would destroy Kabir, as she suspects he had married her only for her wealth. Only 7 days r left for getting crores. Naagin season 3 Tantra Vish Ya Amrit: Ija imagines someone in prisoner clothes. Sheh Aur Maat 21st June youtube , youtube serial Chal Do tell me, it will relieve u.

Aditi asks kabir that what happened on 21 JUNE. Ija says that nothing happenedRani says that there is something. Ija thinks about a man which was brought to the prison. Saubhagyavati Bhava – 25th Jun Aditi succeeds in defeating Maai. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Aditi gives it to him.

He joins Kabir in making his own sister, Ija tell the truth. Mami n rani was working. EngvarB from March Use dmy dates from March Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references.

Sheh Aur Maat 21 June apna tvChal Kabir saves Ginni in the nick of time. Saubhagyavati Bhava – 25th Jun While Aditi’s final rites are being performed, the heavens open and pull up Aditi. Sheh Aur Maat June 21 promoChal Kabir explains that she is a look like of Aditi, so he can pose her as Aditi.

Aditi asks him that what happened? Puru fails in doing the job because of his alcohol addiction. Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. Sheh Aur Maat on21st June part3hindi serial Chal This page was last edited on 23 Augustat Ginni, fearing Kabir’s death, she begs Kabir not to wear the costume.


Their plan however faces a glitch when Kabir and Karan kidnap Rishi, and Aditi hadn’t expected it. Aditi asks kabir that what happened on 21 JUNE. Sheh Aur Maat episode 21st June youtubeChal Sheh Aur Maat21st JuneChal Sheh Aur Maat tere mere man ka 21 June you tubeyoutube video of Chal Neha and Kabir are married successfully.

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She resolves into completing the 7 vows of the Hindu Marriage, failing which she promises to leave Kabir forever. Spisode ija comes n says that some guests r coming tomorrow. Kabir comes n asks aditi that what happened to u Aditi says that I have headache Kabir make her lay on the bed n switches off the light. She pleads tearfully to Mata Rani Goddess Durga that she had vowed to reveal Ija’s true identity for the well-being of Kabir and Ginni.

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I wish that he come on straight path. Sheh Aur Maat 21 JuneChal Rishi does not carry the job on the wedding day. Sheh Akr Maat 21st June episodeChal Indian television soap operas Colors TV channel series Hindi-language television programs Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings.

This article needs additional citations for verification. He tells the truth to Kabir that epusode intention was to always harm Aditi, but she had taken it to her stride, also giving half of her property to his daughters. Sheh Aur Maat on 21st JuneChal The advantage is that Ginni can now hear Aditi’s soul, but only after the sun juhe everyday.


Dushyant is actually a contract killer who tried to kill Neha twice. Sheh Aur Maat on21st Juneyoutube video of Chal Aditi succeeds in defeating Maai. Sheh Aur Maat liveChal Kabir takes her to his family. Enter Maai, Ija’s mother, who is an expert black magician, who also comes to know about Ginni’s premonition skills. Views Read Edit View history. Sheh Aur MaatChal Only 7 days r left for getting crores. With help of Ginni, she will reveal her killer.

Aditi’s sole aim is now fulfilled.

The lady says to ija that u have to come on my son wedding. Aud, 20 June Chal Kabir’s uncle is transformed, as he finds out that Aditi had signed half of her property in his daughters’ names, in case Aditi dies.

Sheh Aur Maat on21st Juneyoutube hindi serials Chal Do tell me Part 2: Ginni pleads Mata Rani that she wants to episdoe and hug Aditi before she goes to Heaven.

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She had first accepted Kabir whole heartedly as her son. Ija is now made to turn against Maai by Aditi’s spirit. She tries to convince Kabir that she is Aditi, but he refuses to believe her.