He kept going around and telling the people around him, “We are 8 years apart”. I don’t know yet. Although he kept saying that he was sorry that we could not act together because of lack of dialogue with each other , even just by meeting each other eyes, it became a source of strength for me. He is a web comic artist and his latest web comic, December 8 which is about the first love of two teenagers, has become so popular but he seems to be stuck for ideas to continue the web comic. With such passionate acting, the fact that viewers are immersed in the show is an inevitable consequence. Changmin oppa also felt the same way, and I think it is a huge relief that the kiss scene came out prettily.

Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. The consideration of the production crew played a huge part in allowing Max Changmin to be able to show such subtle detailed acting. She knew he was playing with fire in the art room with a girl and she asked whether he still meet with the girl. About What mysterious fate entwines the lives of webtoon writer and his first love from high school, Mimi? Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. The director kept saying, “It would be great if both of you can get close quickly”.

The Max Changmin who had captured the viewers through the songs and dances during his luxurious stage performances has disappeared, leaving only the webtoon writer, Han Min Woo, who is struggling because of his memories. He got jealous and got into a fight with Mimi.

Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not dramaa for your region.

It seems like it is because his type of personality is compatible with the character that the positive responses are pouring out. If we have dialogue with each otherit would have been fun to banter back and forth, but because we only gazed at each other, Changmin felt some regret about that. Shim Changmin Main Cast.

pe Because when oppa wore the school uniform, he fitted very well in it so I really didn’t feel it. The Han Min Rdama in the drama is a depressed man who has lost his drive as a result of losing his memory of the past. Several functions may not work. Before the filming, we met often and he led me well, while we discussed about this and that and tried out certain things, we went through with the filming without any issues.


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The viewers have applauded his acting, “The delicate actions and dialogue had to really be acted out well and not be awkward, it seems like Max Changmin is doing it well”, “Max Changmin’s acting is on the rise”, “The diverse emotions contained in his expression in the scene where he was standing by the rooftop railing is really hard to describe in words, and it left me awed”, “His big yet mysterious eyes are his charm”, “His singing is good, and his acting is good, is there anything he can’t do well”.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Mimi episode2 was broadcasted in korea. Max Changmin who is portraying such a character has gelled into the character naturally through his balanced emotive expressions. I was worried about ho the fans would see me, but I felt very thankful to the fans for even looking after me.

Back in the art room, after some fooling around, Teenage Minwoo tried to kiss Mimi but his attempt failed because Mimi suddenly remember that she wanted to give him a present. I know I’m late, but here’s some of the caps for Episode 1. The story is about 28 years old Minwoo who has partial memory loss i.

With such passionate acting, the fact that viewers are immersed in the show is an inevitable consequence. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. When he came back, Mimi has left. However, oppa was sensitive about the age difference. Mimi was following him and asked him to take the umbrella but he continued to ignore her.

MIMI EP 1 – 1/2

He also said this to Mimi: However, I became worried that it would be difficult to get close to him because he was pretty famous.

The crew also spread the road with 1 ton of fallen leaves. But just as he decided to go and look for Mimi, his mother came all packed and ready to move away to another town. Feeling bad, Teenage Minwoo painted a picture of the seaside on the wall outside the salon. What mysterious fate entwines the lives of webtoon writer and his first love from high school, Mimi? It was also great to be able to act together with Changmin oppa. Lee Yun Kyung Main Cast. Inside the van, Teenage Minwoo saw Mimi riding a bicycle to go the school.

Mimi then kissed him but they both got awkward after that.

This time he accepted the medicine that he refused earlier. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. But even so, Changmin oppa was always saying sorry to me. Posted 27 February – Following that, he gives off a contemplative look as if he is missing someone or something. I only know myself to that extent”, he lived xhangmin a world of pain.


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This is an entirely opposite appearance from his bright and cheery character in his first lead drama, SBS’ “Paradise Ranch”, and is also an almost entirely different mmii from his burning competitiveness in KBS2 TV’s “Cool Kidz on the Block”.

Minwoo asked his Team Leader to find the Chanvmin Warrior and went to visit his old school. This episode kept going back and forth between Adult Minwoo and Teenage Minwoo. Posted 26 February – We met each other without knowing about the existence of the other.

At the seaside coast when he was having a conversation with Eun Hae, on the night after Eun Hae sharply criticised his webtoon as “having no emotions, no feelings and also no impact”, the subtle complex look he had when he was standing at the railing of the hospital was as if he was taking a cold hard look at himself, and was the highlight of the show. The next day, he got the key and opened the door to the art room. It was a watch.

Max Changmin, who is playing a difficult role of a man who has been eclipsed by darkness both externally and internally, has mastered a look of longing and a well-controlled tone, and has paid a lot of attention to all parts of the traditional emotive acting and expressed a detailed form of acting. Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region.

Although it is a 4-part drama, a lot of time and effort was invested in it. Posted 28 February – But normally cable dramas don’t do well in ratings unless they are extremely successful like Reply Sign In Need an account? He almost drowned but his father had saved him. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

This is why I think it is even more difficult when we are acting.

However, it went through smoothly.