The whole labour of the com- munity is perfornied by the workers: But others, who considered the day following was Gunpowder Treason Day, thought our landing that day might have a gooa effect on the minds of the English’nation. Never was richer seen! Now it will be evident, with a little consi- deration, that when the earth is in the upper or north part of its orbit, this line, supposed to pass through , the centre of the Sun, will intercept some point to the south of the eouator ; and, on ihe contrary, when the earth is in the lower or southern part of its orbit, this line will intercept some point to the north of the ‘ equator: He asked if the people ol: It seems to be surrounded with a large dense atmosphere, and.

Why have you cut the cloth that your father has given me? This club was instituted. He wrote much verse and wrote it well in a strong, swinging rhythm. But as soon as they have acquired firmness of texture sufficient to bear ex- posure, and are ready to perform the important office which Is assigned to them, they are disclosed to the light and air by the bursting of the stem, or the e;s: At once to full perfection grew. The huntsman cheers liis dogs, and anxibai strays:

I thought my heart had known the whole Of love, but small its knowledge proved; For still the more my longing soul Loves on, itself the while unloved; She stole my heart, myself she stole, And all I prized from me removed; She left me but kodour fierce control Of vain desires for her I loved.

Here is the King’s lament over his friends’ inactivity: The change from night to day. Notwithstanding this horrid crime, the bitt- ed catholics wefe so devoted to Garnet, that they mn- Ufid.

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White’s excellent Natural History of Sblbornb. This brief survey is supplemented by translated extracts of outstanding examples, the choice sometimes being made to illustrate the author’s reflection of the times and sometimes to exhibit his spirit or his workmanship.

Now at the high time of the feast, was Aucassin leaning from a gallery, all woful and discomforted. Barons, your castles in safety place, Your cities and villages too, Before ye haste to the battle-scenes!


Scarce should we be able to discern one half of their innu- merable beauties, when the eye, with unspeakable re- gret, would witness their decay. In this he continued eleven years, and died in It takes but a glance to analyze this little poem. At the celebration of the Roman LupercaKa, amidst a variety of ceremonies, it was the custom to put the names of several young women into a box, irom which they were drawn by the men, as chance directed. The appearance of bees is a certain ittom JtAiiea Sufi Women Voices in the Maghreb; May 19 th21 st This, however, is not the case with respect to the Sun j for, as the earth advances rfpiost a degree, eastward m its orbit in the sametitne that it turns eastward round its axis, or completes its diurnal revolution, whatever iitar passes over the meridian any day with the Sun, will pass over the same meridian the next day, when the Sun is 3 m.

It was called the ” States General,” because, for the first time in the history of any such body in France it included not only representatives from the nobles and clergy but also from the Third Estate, the citizens of towns burghers or bourgeois.

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Its weary length was marked by a few outstanding events — the battle of Crecy, where gunpowder was used for the first time, won by the English over the French mercenary troops imported from Italy; the siege of Calais, whose fall gave the English an ever-open entrance to France; the battle of Poitiers, in which the Black Prince captured Chanspn John and sent him to London; the battle cilm Agincourt which in its after effects won for Henry V a French wife and for their son a French crown.

He spoke with much force and energy, but his example was more powerful than his eloquence; and he has in all succeeding ages been the glory of the British church.

The Strasburg oath in which Charlemagne’s grandson Louis swore to support his brother Charles was the forerunner of a treaty by which the great king’s empire was divided, Louis taking Germany, Charles France, and Lothair Italy. And be it known to you that the vessels carried more than three hun- dred petraries and mangonels, and all such engines as are needed for the taking of cities, in great plenty.


The porter, prevailed upon by some small pieces of money which I put into his hand, admitted me; and my friebd carried me to his apartment, where two inhu- man priests, whom I heard mention Sicilian vespers, wanted to force me from him, that they jodoug cut me in pieces ;v saying the order was, not to spare eveqinr fants at the breast.

Karima SKALLI, when spirituality embraces excellence!

After some time, Egfrid was advised to take his wife by forde from this retirement ; but the queen being informed of it, fled into the Isle of Ely. In the spring following, the cuckoo made its escape, and, in flying across the river Tyne, it gave the usual call. From the serf chansln gathered tidings of the King. T Equation qf Time.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The in- ferior conjunction of Mercury will take place on the 9th, at half past eleven at night. The autumnal equinox, happenaron the: At Jength the dogs are certain in the turnips, and we approach with ardour heightened by delay ; the dogs stand immoveable as blocks of stone, and the heart oeats with rapture at the approaching moment: Formerly Lent besan on the Sunday after Qtiinr qwgmma u e.

The time of the Moon’s rising, for the first 5 days afier she is in the full, will be as follows; viz. A Maghreb concert in Amsterdam and Rotterdam; November 11 th Concert to support the education of the girls of rural areas at Mohammed V Theatre in Rabat February 22, The latest species of the aammer birds of passage.

Your date is aot so past. Hither came I this morning to hunt in this forest; and with me a jodohr hound, the fairest in the world; him have I lost, and for him I weep.