We all already know she that she is terrible at losing graciously, even after cheating. Then we have SeKyung who was seemingly morally intact in the beginning becoming grayer and grayer. I thoroughly enjoy watching Se Kyung’s character unfold, as she seems surprised herself at what she’s capable of doing as much the viewers. Or is Yoon Joo, the one now regretting her past, the real one since we are not certain what she’ll do once she learns of Se Kyung’s White Rabbit. Double standard for men and women. Secretary Moon gets annoys and yells at him to be serious and live his life! Am I not mistaken that the writers where the one who wrote deep rooted trees. I hope it is just a hoax news, that is such a torture if the next episode will be on the 5th and 6th of January next year..

I feel the same about Park Shi Hoo except that it’s about his hapiness. We hate what SK because we know that what she is doing is wrong but who is say that we wouldn’t do the same in her situation? And plus, how she can come clean now? I really enjoyed this drama. Nice words, you said it all! Some can’t and won’t help because of it and those who do know what life is about have become too bitter or arrogant to help.

Sometimes when a drama promises too much pain and tears I will drop it. She would rather choose the dark side instead and makes us all urghhhh with her actions which is what I feel for this episode. Why didn’t the alide make Se Kyung a funny character? Thanks for the recaps, kaedejun! Today Cha Seung Jo is merely telling the woman he likes that he likes her.


For a better and more heartfelt take on wealth and class, I recommend I Live in Cheongdam Dong instead.

Although I know full well that a person even more cynical than myself would rather suggest listening to “Money” by Liza Minelli and Joel Grey from “Cabaret”. Choi Su is very content with her life, but one day she meets to y Lee Sang Eun and her life changed. Why go through the whole gold-digger mumbo-jumbo??

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I also love the discourse it generated. Mystisith January 30, at 6: They usually have the fastest updates relating to that show.

The heroine tried the “following” mode with her ex: Do not drag out secrets! CDDA is a great piece of work so far to rouse such intense emotions and strong opinions, and it continues to fan the cheongdamdonng.

Was skeptical for the first few episodes but now that I have reached episode 5, I am giving it a go.

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When I saw the repetition, I noticed the heroine didn’t have a notebook with her and sensed what was coming She did more impressive work in Painter in the Wind. Honesty is the best policy Everyone have insightful comments, I’m really enjoying it! A man with values. Or how he pulls that emoticon bunny from under his blanket and does his crazy arm danceā€¦haha. December 26, at I think we take whatever Tommy thinks and says, and flip it.

We rarely ask those things, as long as the person eodrama us well and “seems” nice. What about starting to live? Seung-jo arrives at the department store to look at the new line of jewelry recently launched, and he overhears a new intern rushing back into the store asking for a duplicate receipt.


Apart from that, I really really liked how this show made me think. Seung-jo continues to be my favorite character and I want him and Se-kyung to end up happy.

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Though SJ being the way he is is also an issue but not as big a player imo. This episode was a little slower, but I think it is just the author setting up all zlice pieces for the next act.

If a person has been used and seen the dark side of society, rejection is just an excuse to hate more. Sure, you can make us think about class and wealth in modern South Korean society but to have it done through a pedantic, unsympathetic character like SK is just boring. Thanks to kaedejun for the recaps.

Seung-jo is falling further for her but that was pretty much the content of ep. Super Pam, I am dying here waiting to see it: Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Soo Eperama December 26, at 3: Episode 6 by Helcat.

Besides I hate it how Yoon Joo got thrown away based on some shady video which didn’t really tell much about her. It would be much too heartbreaking to watch a character so honest Seung-jo end up with a character so deceptive Se-kyung. And isn’t that why we watch things such as dramas or read books?