This article needs additional citations for verification. An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions. When I say that, I mean That was great, guys. What is it that you want? A special edition of the sketch show.

If you’re no’ interested Is this a joke? Why have you done this to us?! The funniest thing since your daughter went to school 0: Views Read Edit View history. It’s beer they want.

Chewin’ The Fat – Episode Guide –

Use British English from July Use dmy dates from November Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October The teams are making their final preparations. Maw, I’ll need to phone you back. They never use a script. Postman sacked – that’s a good gag. They walk on, say what they like, then Nae pulse or nothin’.

The funniest thing since your daughter went to school 0: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. We’re just popping in. Haggis pakora’s a cheeky wee starter.


That was great, guys. I never knew he took stauners. A special edition of the sketch show. What have we got here? How much are you earning a year? Are you geared up for the full bhoona?

Funny Scottish — The Stauner Sketch from Chewin’ The Fat.

Him with the stauner! Know what the joke was? Is that me sacked? Tracy Sneddon, the day you stop looking like you’re dressed to turn tricks in a Turkish bordello. Not fa Big Jock’s comedy, you couple of skint Percys? You’ve to watch him, an’ all, cos he buys all the stations. You can split a tin. If you’re no’ interested Oh, you’re a honey.

Johnny’s got a stauner. Is this a joke? It’s beer they want. Retrieved 10 April It’s got pipecleaners for legs and cereal boxes for feet. Ford Chewwin Greg Hemphill.

Chewin’ The Fat

Youse are all a bunch of Percys and my wallet’s heavier than all your fat wives put together. I used to work on the High Road. Huv you got Mr Spock? Or the chunky saag aloo. Can we get another postman? What is it that you want? I’ve got an important announcement.


Retrieved from ” https: I’ve got red kola. Help us out – there’s a pound in it each for you. You, er, Johnny Beattie?

When I say that, I mean I’m trapped underneath my big, fat wallet.